Brown Sugar Sweet Potatoes – Recipe

I got this recipe from my mom. I’m not sure if she created it, or if it was passed down from her family, but now it is my recipe too! These have always been my favorite sweet potatoes, and a dish I look forward to every holiday meal. The following recipe is specifically from my adventure with the purple sweet potato, so it has a few extra steps. I’ll put the orange sweet potato changes at the bottom of the post.

purple sweet potato finished

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It’s Christmas Eve!

Tons of cooking to do today 🙂 we’re hosting my in-laws for dinner today! I love making holiday dinners.

Unfortunately, my back is doing the same thing it did a few days ago. Breathing hurts, being upright hurts. I had Dan put on a lidocaine patch for me, which I’m desperately hoping works. I can’t take both metaxalone and Tramadol today, or else I can’t hang out with everyone! 😦  I really hope this will get better.

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!

Happy Holidays!