The Appointment from Hell

I am not using names for legal protection. While I want to scream this doctor’s name from the rooftops and tell everyone in the world to never ever go see this jerk, I know that if he finds it I could get sued for libel. Instead, I am writing this to educate and warn people that doctors like this exist, and as a form of therapy for myself to help me process this awful appointment.

I am also not using names in case this does end up in a legal case. During legal investigations and such, you’re not allowed to talk about the case, so I don’t want to cause any conflicts by having it published. Well, obviously my husband’s name appears in there because he was in the appointment and he is already not anonymous on this blog.

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Abdominal Ultrasound Results

I heard from my doctor regarding my ultrasound, finally. It’s, interesting, to say the least.

So, we didn’t really find anything. Not anything that my doctor thinks is causing an issue, at least. Apparently, I have a hemangioma though. Near my liver. But he doesn’t think it’s causing any issues.

liver hemangioma

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Why Do I Write? A Crazily Long Answer

Why Do You Write?

Wow, that is quite the question, isn’t it?

Well, I tried to answer it on The Story of the Silver Sun and What’s in a Name? pages. However, I also tried to keep those descriptions succinct so that people would actually read them. Let me see if I can elaborate. (I may repeat myself a little, as you may notice if you read those pages, so please be patient. I’m just going to tell the whole story.)

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The Ear Saga Continues -&- Crazy Allergies -&- Functional Medication

So, as I mentioned earlier: I have another ear infection. Yes, another one. Yes, the same ear that was just operated on. Yes, the same ear that has pretty much been non-stop infected since mid-March. Yes, I’m about to rip it off and throw it out the door and make it fend for itself.


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The Funk Slump

School has been requiring lots of attention. Life has been requiring lots of attention. And I have been feeling pretty awful.

Stubbed Toe

This guy is goofy and I’m in pain, so I guess it works even though I didn’t stub my toe…

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Oops! M.I.A. Lizz…

The last few days have been pretty crazy, which is why I’ve been missing in action. I do apologize! I have been really enjoying my blogging, and I am hoping to get a good post up tomorrow, then have Dan get up some posts while I recover from surgery.

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