Just got back from the doctor and everything looks good. Obviously excited! Great Ear Saga = ~8 months

The Ear Saga Continues -&- Crazy Allergies -&- Functional Medication

So, as I mentioned earlier: I have another ear infection. Yes, another one. Yes, the same ear that was just operated on. Yes, the same ear that has pretty much been non-stop infected since mid-March. Yes, I’m about to rip it off and throw it out the door and make it fend for itself.


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Yes, in simply naming this post “ARGHHHHHHHH” because it’s the only thing that fits. I suppose I could have put “holy duckling dam” as well, which is what I sent my friend because I’m trying to cut back on swearing. Anyway. Why the frustration?


I am so over even having a left ear.

Luckily, it didn’t sound like this one should be too bad. The doctor said I just have a few spots of irritation which are weeping, and the ooze is what is infected. I start eardrops again today. I also now am under orders to point a hairdryer into my ear (from 12″ away) for a full minute to dry it out.

Can my ear just get better already? This is ridiculous. At this point, I’m just going to start classifying this under “chronic.” ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Post-Surgery Update: Dan’s Perspective

So, I wanted this post to be entirely written from Dan’s perspective, but he isn’t comfortable with doing that. He wanted me to do it Mad-Libs style for him… but I’m not comfortable doing that. What am I going to do instead? Well, I’m going to do it survey style. By writing out questions that he can answer on his own, he has the freedom to elaborate as much as he wants to, or doesn’t want to. The questions are going to be in third person, which can be kind of odd to read, but should feel more natural after the first few.

Lizz and Dan pre-surgery

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Cutting in Time for School

I had a follow-up appointment with Dr. K today, to see if the eardrops had worked (yes, I was able to continue them for the entire ten days). They have!!!! 😀 I no longer have any infections in my ear!!! This is cause for some major dancing around, my ear has been infected since the middle of March!

:: crazy dance party of one commences ::

Dancing Bean

:: record screeches to a halt ::

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Vacation and Pain

So, the last trip I took wasn’t all that painful… it was exhausting, sure, but there were very few things that caused me pain. I was actually really surprised.

BRB Body Malfunction

Unfortunately, this time is a bit different. I’d been stiff and sore before we left for Cali… and it hasn’t gotten any better. I’ve been far more active this vacation than I have been in the past three months (well, probably more) and I can physically tell. Everything from the waist down feels like it’s been run over by a steam roller, and then my ear. I’m enjoying myself immensely, but, tomorrow is a necessary “rest” day (at least just hang around my parents’ house and take it easy).

One of my BFFs is getting married this coming Saturday, and I really need to get energy for that! I can’t wait! And I’m hoping I’ll have a bunch of photos to share from it (it should be gorgeous)!

Pain Level

“Stay on the Drops” …Oh No…

Yeah, so that’s what my doctor said. He wants me to stay on the drops for as long as I can possibly stand them… Maybe I’ll boost my pain tolerance even more? Ugh. I’ll just need to drain them immediately after I feel them start to burn apparently. Ugh.

Time for an extremely painful week… if I can last that long.

(Here is the original post about the drops)

This post is part of The Great Ear Saga.
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Bawling Bean: The Position of Pain

Thanks to my fibromyalgia and constantly dislocating joints, my pain tolerance is fairly high. Even before the fibro I’d had nurses tell me my tolerance was high. While the fibro has dramatically increased my pain tolerance, it also makes me feel more pain (since my pain receptors are all, essentially, turned on constantly). Well, now that you know that, on with the main purpose of this post.

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The Great Ear Saga of 2015

Melodramatic title? Probably. But this ear thing has been crazy, so it feels appropriate right now.

This ear saga started just before my birthday, March 2015… but of course, we didn’t realize that it would turn into a saga. I woke up March 10th with the telltale pain in my ear signaling an outer ear infection (commonly referred to as swimmer’s ear), so I went to urgent care as soon as I got dressed. This was my 6th or 7th ear infection since moving to Colorado, so I knew for sure it was an infection. I just needed to make sure I didn’t have an internal one as well, and get a prescription for antibiotic drops. The urgent care doc, seeing that I’d just been in the previous May for another ear infection, referred me to an ENT (ear nose throat doc) to find out why I keep getting ear infections…

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