Why Today is a Bad Health Day

I’ve still been having nerve pain in my arm. Joleen worked on it a ton on Friday (I had to reschedule because of the bronchitis, I didn’t want to get people sick since I was still coughing Monday). I thought it’d be okay, but I should have known better; nothing good can come of an hour of nerve massage on a fibromyalgia patient. My muscles feel bruised (she had to work out some knots she thinks are being caused by the nerve pain), my ribs feel bruised, and I vaguely feel like I got bruised in general.

Last week, I also did too much. Way too much! (read more)

Sometimes You Just Sleep

Skiing on Monday was great, but exhausting. Then again, that whole trip was fantastic yet exhausting.

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Why Do I Write? A Crazily Long Answer

Why Do You Write?

Wow, that is quite the question, isn’t it?

Well, I tried to answer it on The Story of the Silver Sun and What’s in a Name? pages. However, I also tried to keep those descriptions succinct so that people would actually read them. Let me see if I can elaborate. (I may repeat myself a little, as you may notice if you read those pages, so please be patient. I’m just going to tell the whole story.)

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Delayed Postings

So, I realized I need to stop apologizing for being late with my posts. There is nothing wrong with providing you guys an explanation, but I can’t keep apologizing. I just don’t need the guilt.

All of you with chronic illnesses understand that life is anything but predictable for us, and sometimes even breathing hurts. Those of you without Chronics understand that life just can get crazy sometimes.

Yesterday (8/31), I wrote up a post. Completely typed in a Word doc. I found photos I wanted to go with it. Then, my pain medication wore off and BAM!!!!! out for the count. So, now that post will get posted a little later today (9/1). Hopefully, my regular blogging schedule will return shortly!

Vacation and Pain

So, the last trip I took wasn’t all that painful… it was exhausting, sure, but there were very few things that caused me pain. I was actually really surprised.

BRB Body Malfunction

Unfortunately, this time is a bit different. I’d been stiff and sore before we left for Cali… and it hasn’t gotten any better. I’ve been far more active this vacation than I have been in the past three months (well, probably more) and I can physically tell. Everything from the waist down feels like it’s been run over by a steam roller, and then my ear. I’m enjoying myself immensely, but, tomorrow is a necessary “rest” day (at least just hang around my parents’ house and take it easy).

One of my BFFs is getting married this coming Saturday, and I really need to get energy for that! I can’t wait! And I’m hoping I’ll have a bunch of photos to share from it (it should be gorgeous)!

Pain Level

The Pilates Morning Conundrum

I absolutely love Pilates and my studio! As I mentioned in “Things That Make Me Smile,” my studio does both physical therapy (PT) and Pilates, which is a great combination. The PT is much more focused on a whole body approach to treat the issue, and the Pilates is done with an emphasis on proper form and tailoring to your specific needs. Some of the instructors are both PTs and Pilates trained, others are just Pilates trained. All of the instructors have undergone 500 hours of Pilates instructor training… which is crazy, but really good for the students.

I’ve been working with one PT, Joleen, there since January. My body has so many issues that it’s just significantly easier to stay with a single instructor for now. Once my body starts working kind of like a “normal” person’s body, then I’ll be comfortable trying other instructors. I’m getting WAY better though.

I'm on the MOTR, a relatively new Pilates device. It's extremely versatile. This was during an open house at my studio.

I’m on the MOTR, a relatively new Pilates device. It’s extremely versatile. This was during an open house at my studio.

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The Mystery Noise

Ugh, can’t sleep despite feeling awful and needing to be awake in 5 hours… There is a bizarre noise going on outside, regularly. If we had A/C, we could shut the windows, but alas. 😦 The noise sounds familiar, but I can’t place it. You know the sound of a dripping sink? It’s that consistent, and it is a similar noise, but almost as if it’s robotic water… it sounds synthesized in some way. Every now and then, it sounds like it could be a dog, but not quite… the volume is all that changes. I’m going to need to turn my music way up so I can sleep. I really hope everything is alright out there…