Intimate Link Between Body and Brain

It’s interesting how, in this time of intense emotional pain, the link between brain and body can be so tangible. I’m in intense emotional pain and it’s messing with my body. I’m getting random aches and pains that shouldn’t be happening, my IBS is acting up (which is definitely something that can be emotionally triggered), and even then I know my headache medication is working I’ve suddenly gotten a bad headache going again. Ugh. Maybe my brain knows I can kind if handle physical pain and is trying to “help” by making it more “manageable” or something? I don’t know. But the link is interesting to notice.

Sometimes You Just Sleep

Skiing on Monday was great, but exhausting. Then again, that whole trip was fantastic yet exhausting.

On Sunday we went ice skating (for about an hour or so) and then went tubing… both are exhausting. Continue reading

Sometimes Complaining Happens

Sometimes you just need to get it off your chest. I’m desperately hoping it’ll help.

For some reason, this flare just won’t go away. I feel as though I’m 60+ years old: limping after I get up, unable to bend, getting stuck when I do bend… It’s awful. I think it might be the weather and lack of exercise, but I’m miserable. I really hate admitting it, because I feel so whiny when I do and the people that love me hate knowing I’m crappy (hate in the same way you hate watching a loved one with the flu). Something just isn’t right in my body.

I did discover from Joleen that apparently some of my nerves are being compressed by my spine, causing compression all along them, causing my never fibers to shorten, causing me pain. My medial and ulnar nerves (two main ones in the arms) are extremely tight… She could only stretch then about 50% of the range of motion they should have. No idea why this happened.

My allergies are randomly going bonkers. I think my allergy shots are maxing out my system so that the exposure I’m getting at home just instantly puts me over the edge. They aren’t helping with the flares though.

I’m really wishing that we can figure out a way to get the tub to hold water for a bath… That’s the only thing I can think of that might help, well, that isn’t a pharmaceutical.

I’m going to be trying a new Pilates class next week. If I like it and it seems easy enough, I might add it into my routine so I’d be doing two a week. Maybe that’d help.

I’m writing this post at almost 2am because my eyes and body are so irritated I can’t get to sleep. I really hope the meditation can help, because I might go crazy if I don’t get sleep.

Good news though: progress is being made around the house this week! It’s awesome and I plan to update you soon on some of the changes!!!

So I took a ton of photos at Zion National Park. Here are a few of my favorites:


Zion National Park Photos

Delayed Postings

So, I realized I need to stop apologizing for being late with my posts. There is nothing wrong with providing you guys an explanation, but I can’t keep apologizing. I just don’t need the guilt.

All of you with chronic illnesses understand that life is anything but predictable for us, and sometimes even breathing hurts. Those of you without Chronics understand that life just can get crazy sometimes.

Yesterday (8/31), I wrote up a post. Completely typed in a Word doc. I found photos I wanted to go with it. Then, my pain medication wore off and BAM!!!!! out for the count. So, now that post will get posted a little later today (9/1). Hopefully, my regular blogging schedule will return shortly!

Just Keep Going and Going and Going: How I Wish I Could Do My Housework

Dan and I are working on some house stuff this weekend! We spent pretty much all day Friday and most of Saturday running errands… We got doors for the shelf unit that is holding the overflow kitchen stuff, because it’s been driving me nuts with how cluttered it looks (since it’s a functional shelf, not a pretty shelf). We also got wall shelving for the office and bedroom (the kind with the metal tracks on the wall that make adjusting shelf height really simple), figured out which air filter we would like to get (and noticed that we have a 20% off coupon for it, thankfully), found a tower fan we like, found a container for wallets and keys, new and low flow toilets for the upstairs bathrooms, and other such things. We’ve been cleaning and organizing the house, which is why we knew some of what we needed.

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Anyone Have a Charger?!

Need Charger

Exhausted today, I think I’m still fighting off a cold… I haven’t actually felt my 100% since about the 14th or so (can’t remember exactly). I’ve been pushing a little too hard on this vacation, and my body is so fatigued. Yesterday was spent mostly on the couch at my parents’ house, watching Soap (absolutely hilarious sitcom from the late 70s). Today was also rather restful. Well, Dan slept most of the day 😛 He really needs it though, because I usually wake him up a lot at night for help, so he never gets quite enough sleep. He was able to sleep most of the day because I spent most of it helping my mom get her blog and website setup! Once they’re done, I’ll share 🙂

I did get to see one of my BFFs, Krystal, and her adorable 1 1/2 year old, Lexi, today though! We had breakfast, it was awesome! I never see them enough, but it makes seeing them even more special. (But I would def be 100% okay with more!) Krystal and I have known each other since I was 14, and we’ve been pretty dang close the entire time. She’s like an older sister to me, and I really do hate not being able to see her more often. But life is life, and I’m just glad I do get to see her and we stay in touch best we can 🙂 Hopefully, someday we’ll live in the same state again (or at least only a few hours apart).