How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Anyone

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day has developed a bad reputation nowadays, likely due to how commercialized it has gotten and that it’s marketed purely as a romantic holiday. However, it doesn’t have to be either of those. As I talked about in this post, Valentine’s Day in my family was always celebrated as a day to be thankful for everyone you love in your life. Sure, it sucked being at school surrounded by couples “in love” (or pretending to be) when I was single, but when I got home we’d celebrate as a family!

Today’s post is going to be a quick how-to guide for how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with anyone and make it special! None of these ideas require you to spend a lot of money. In fact, with some creativity, these ideas can be completely free!

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Meeting My Spoonie Bestie In-Person for the First Time

I’ve always hated the phrases “online friends” and “friends in real life.” Sure, back when the internet was first getting popular for social uses, all your internet friends were “friends in real life,” and it felt necessary to differentiate between people you enjoyed talking to (usually anonymously) in chat rooms or on forums versus people you knew and socialized with offline. But, that’s not how the internet works anymore.

I know several people who met their now-spouses (or serious significant others) online, and many of us with disabilities find that a majority of our social lives take place online. Via this blog and my associated Instagram account, I’ve met some amazing people and have greatly expanded my world. My sister went on a foreign exchange program while doing her bachelor’s degree and made friends from all over the world, and I used to be jealous of that. However, I’ve realized that I have close friendships with people from all over the world, as well. Granted, a majority of the people I’m close to are from the USA, but I have good friends in other countries even though chatting with them is more difficult due to time zones. When I think about it, my sister is probably the only person I know “in real life” that has friends that are more spread out than I do.

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Home from Vacation

I went in a week long vacation to visit one of my best friends. She was one of my bridesmaids and I’ve known her since I was a freshman in high school (she was a junior). We get to see each other very often, but since she just had second daughter two months ago (yup, same bestie) I decided to make the trip out there! It was awesome!!! I’ll post a few photos wire about how it went later. For now, I must recover and sleep!

My New “Niece”

One of my best friends just had her second little girl yesterday! I’ve know K.C (the mommy) since I was 14, and we’ve been very close ever since. I am so very excited for her! I am doing everything I can to figure out my health enough so that I can hopefully go visit her at the end of July, because she lives in another state.

chism family

(watermark is purposefully very intrusive so you cannot steal the adorableness)

At least they’re one little burst of sunshine in this horrible pain cycle I’ve been stuck in!!!! I’m so happy! I cannot wait to go see them all again, it’s been far too long and her older daughter has grown so much!!!!

Obviously, I put “niece” in quotes in the title because K.C and I aren’t related by blood. However, since we’ve known each other so long, and we’re so close, we do think of each other as sisters. She does consider me to be an aunt to her daughters and I will think of her as an aunt to my children when I have them ❤ I love her and her little family and I just wish they were so much closer so I could spoil them as much as I want to!!!

The Memories of Old Friendships

Being at my parents’ home always makes these feelings stronger… Probably because I lived here when they were new feelings.

I am social media friends with a lot of people I used to call best friends. Two of which the pain of losing still stings pretty badly. One I’d been friends with for most of elementary school, then a classmate made up a lie (something to do with me calling to get directions to a party I wasn’t invited to, when I can STILL get to that party’s location without thinking about it), and suddenly it was gone. It didn’t help any that she moved so I never got a chance to try again. The second one had been friends with 1 and I for a long time too, and she stayed friends with 1 after the lie about me, then actually ended up moving to the same junior high and high school as 1. My parents weren’t very comfortable with me going to 2’s house (I wasn’t super comfortable around her family), so that just ended up dissolving.

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To The Child in the Corner

Dear Child in the Corner,

I see you. I promise that I do. I see you watching all the others laugh and play. I see how your eyes dart to and fro, like a rabbit in the middle of an open field. I see all of your muscles tense when other children get close. I see your heart breaking. I see your mind turning, replaying everything you’ve ever said to them. I see the nerves. I see the longing. I see you trying to get the courage to go get in line for the tetherball. I see you trying to determine if anyone might let you join. I see you struggling to speak, not knowing what to say. I see you trying to figure out which parts of you need to be hidden. I see you.

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Painting Adventure to Canvas and Cocktails!

Yesterday (Sunday) was really good, despite the cold I think I have. In the morning, one of my best friends and I went to Canvas and Cocktails (one of those places where they lead a group of people through a painting and supply you with all the equipment)… We’ve been once before, and it’s always a load of fun! Plus, wandering around and seeing the other paintings is fun, especially since no one ever has the same one. There is a really hard painting of a feather on display that we’re thinking of attempting when we see it on the calendar.

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