My Grama and Family Need Your Good Energy

(I just realized it’s April first; this is NOT a joke, this is just horrible timing for my family)

I found out last night, very late, from my sister that my grandmother was in the ER. Apparently, she had told my grandfather she felt like she was going to pass out and then she did and then she fell over and hit her head.

She’s been in the emergency room since then. They’re actually moving her to the ICU soon. She’s still unconscious, and they don’t know why. The CT scan was inconclusive, and she isn’t stable enough to do an MRI (she has too much equipment on and MRIs are too restrictive for everything). It sounds like they’re suspecting she had a stroke of some sort. The problem is the CT didn’t show one, and so they can’t treat it without knowing which kind (one kind is from excessive bleeding so you need to give blood clotting medication and one is from blood clotting and so you need to give blood thinners). Apparently, she also has a blood clot in her lung that is putting pressure on her heart; but she is already on blood thinner medication (normal prescription) so they can’t actually do anything without potentially making anything in her brain worse.

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Grampa Update #5

Sorry it’s been quite some time since I’ve updated y’all about my grandparents. Don’t panic.

Grampa had been at home over a week now. He’s supposedĀ to be using the statutory to go upstairs, but it’s slow so he doesn’t. According to my parents, he really isn’t listening to most of the doctor’s orders about physical activity. Oh well. Otherwise, he’s doing great!

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Grampa Surgery Update #4

Last I heard from my dad, a few days ago, Grampa was doing very well. In the 3rd, he was in a regular (non-ICU) room. He was also very talkative, the post-surgery swelling was completely gone in his face and mostly gone in his hands. I haven’t heard anything else, so I’m assuming he’s just been getting better and better! Thank you so much for all the kind thoughts! If I don’t update again, just assume that no news is good news. šŸ˜€ Thank you again for all the love you’ve all been sending to my family, is been very appreciated.

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Grampa Surgery Update #3

Dad visited with Grampa last night. He’s doing very well! Apparently he can sit-up and eat with minimal help. When my dad visited, Grampa was eating dinner. Dad said Grampa isn’t in much pain, so he’s also been able to get plenty of sleep and rest. I’m so glad he’s doing well! We’re still not out of the woods yet, so please keep your magical healing thoughts pointed his way… I’m sure they’ve been extremely helpful!

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Grampa Surgery Update #2

I heard from my dad last night. He said Grampa was okay. He hadn’t woken up yet, which seemed odd to me, but the nurses said for his age and everything he’d gone thru it was okay. He was having a little bit of bleeding issues, but they weren’t concerning to the doctors, they just resulted in a need for another unit of platelets.

I just heard from Grama. She said he is doing okay and she’ll be going to see him shortly. My dad and aunt had already been to see him today, which probably means he’s awake and doing alright. I’ll get some more details from my dad later today!

Thank you again for all of the healing energy and love you’ve been sending his way! I’m sure it’s been helping!

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Grampa Surgery Update #1

Grampa’s surgery started about 6am (he had to be at the hospital by 5am, so that’s the time I’m assuming they started). He just finishedĀ a little while ago (about 2:30pm I’m assuming). They’re closing him up now, since they had to reset the pacemaker (also pretty standard). It’s going to be awhile before he wakes up, maybe an hour, and he has to be in the cardiac ICU for 24-48 hours (standard procedure). He’ll probably have his breathing tube in for another 4 hours. He needed 2 units of blood, and 1 unit of platelets, which is not unusual for someone his age. However, so far it’s all been pretty routine and he is doing well! Thank you so much for all the positive energy you’ve been sending his way, I believe it really has helped!!!!

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Please Keep my Grampa in Your Thoughts

I’m between an emotional rock and hard place.

I’m extremely close with my grandparents. They’ve always been there for me, with games and milkshakes and jokes. I grew up ten minutes away from them, and I spent a ton of time with them while I was growing up. Of course, they’re getting older, and I realize they probably won’t be with me for too terribly long, but I have no idea what I’ll do when I don’t have them there anymore. Hopefully, that won’t happen for a long time. They adore Dan, and he has gotten pretty close with them too!

wedding us with g&g square

But I need your help, to send positive vibes to my grandfather.

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