School Monster Eats Time

I had a math test today, totally nailed it. The studying, however, took a ton of time since I didn’t realize I had it until Monday when I decided to see what I needed to do to get caught up in my math class.

My major psych paper is due on Monday by midnight. I have to read an article (already picked out and professor approved) and then do a write up about it. I haven’t read the article yet.

My mother-in-law is coming down tomorrow until Sunday. Haven’t seen her in awhile, so it’ll be nice, but it means I have less time to do my HW. Which means WAY less time for fun stuff, like this blog.

Hopefully, I’ll be back after the paper gets turned in… But the rest of the semester is pretty busy since I only have a few weeks left.

Suddenly, the Weekend Attacked

This weekend was insane, and I’m definitely feeling it pretty badly. It really sucks when you don’t do anything social for an extremely long time, and then everyone wants to do stuff the same weekend! But while it physically sucks, it was still a ton of fun.

Life is Hectic

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October Update: Post-op, Chronics, Life

I had my post-op on October 6th, so a while ago now. Oh wow, time flies. I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to update those of you that have been reading all of the surgery updates, school has been extremely time consuming (more on that later).


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Oops! M.I.A. Lizz…

The last few days have been pretty crazy, which is why I’ve been missing in action. I do apologize! I have been really enjoying my blogging, and I am hoping to get a good post up tomorrow, then have Dan get up some posts while I recover from surgery.

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