October Update: Post-op, Chronics, Life

I had my post-op on October 6th, so a while ago now. Oh wow, time flies. I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to update those of you that have been reading all of the surgery updates, school has been extremely time consuming (more on that later).


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The Heat of Summer

I live in Colorado, the Denver area. People around here tend to rate how hot summers are based on how many days get over 90°F, so it doesn’t get very hot here. Before the POTS, I thought this heat was absolutely nothing. My car doesn’t have A/C (and hasn’t since before I got my license), and the apartment I lived in with Dan was my only residence in CO with A/C (the house before that had a swamp cooler, but it didn’t work too terribly well). So yeah, my house doesn’t have A/C.

I also want to replace the blinds with blackout curtains

I also want to replace the blinds with blackout curtains

My house, a townhouse, is oriented north to south (front door north, back is south). Well, the north side stays cool, well, cooler. But the south side gets HOT. We have a window in the kitchen, one in the powder room, one in the office, technically two in the master but they are connected to form one giant window, two venting skylights in the master bedroom, and a sliding glass door. Continue reading

My Little Piece of Home

Like I’d mentioned on “Busy Bee,” Dan and I own our own townhouse!

First Anniversary and Our House

It’s fantastic having a place to come home to and realizing that you own it 🙂 Every time I think about it, and really let it sink in, I’m just in awe. I realize that my life can be really crappy sometimes, thanks to all the stupid stuff going on in my body, but fully realizing that I own a house reminds me that my life is also pretty amazing!

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