Valentine’s Day: The Day to Celebrate Love

I love holidays, all holidays! My mom always made a big deal out of them when I was a kid: the entire dining room would get completely decorated (every bit), and there would be other small decorations scattered about the house; there would be some sort of present, even just small little goodies like some candy or fun socks, to open with breakfast; even special meals, like green eggs at St. Patrick’s Day or pink pancakes for dinner on Valentine’s Day. The holidays were some of my favorite times, and not just because I was a kid getting presents. Each holiday was special, just the excitement of family time! (Every time I test for my “love language” I flip flop between being word based and action/quality time based. ) My family would play games or watch movies together, and I loved that. Because the holidays were always so special to me, I do my best to continue the celebrations now that I have my own house and husband!


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When we were in California, we did a lot. One of the little things we did in San Luis Obispo was visit Bubblegum Alley. It’s just as disgusting as it sounds, but it’s a “you have to see it once” type of thing. So, since I’d already seen it, I took Dan. Here are some pictures 🙂

I took so many pictures in Cali they’re going to take multiple posts, and forever to edit. But I thought these were fun.

Fun Time in San Luis Obispo

The Husband and The Head

Days like today make Dan’s job ever so slightly less exciting. It’s Saturday, he’s at work. Yesterday was supposed to be an off Friday (every other Friday they get off, they work 9 hours Monday-Thursday then 8 hours every other Friday), and he worked yesterday too. They’re trying to launch a rocket. Thursday was the first attempt, got scrubbed (cancelled for the day) due to weather. Yesterday, scrubbed again due to weather. Today, same percentage chance of getting scrubbed again due to weather. Tomorrow, thankfully, he won’t have to work (his coworkers are covering his support position because we had plans), but they’ll try again, and it’s the same percentage. If necessary, they’ll push it to Monday, which has a much better percentage of launching. At least they switched to a two week pay period, so he can flex his hours, which will make next week very short.


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