Infection Survival Guide for the Chronically Ill (and “Normal” People, too)

Respiratory infections, sinus infections, ear infections – oh my!
Gastrointestinal infections, viral infections, bacterial infections – oh, die…

Currently, I’m extremely ill. I have some sort of awful infection in my head and GI system. I’ll spare you all of the TMI details, but let’s just say I’m a giant ball of disgusting. Lots of phlegm is involved, nausea, and too many trips to the restroom. There’s also severe full body aches and bone crushing fatigue. It’s not pretty.

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Stress Cruds

My body reacts poorly to stress. The emotional stress of the last two weeks and the physical stress of all of the traveling seems to have knocked me out. I have some sort of infection thing going on somewhere… Sinus or something. I have no idea what is going on, but I feel horrid. I also had to come off of my meds for my second round of allergy testing, so that definitely isn’t helping. Hopefully this crud will be short lived and some rest as I get back to my routine will let it clear up.

What, Why? Not Now Please

I’m pretty sure I still have my sinus infection, but I’ve been getting distracted by other things recently. First off, all the muscles in my neck and back feel like I’ve been hit by a truck: miserable, sore, knotted. Second: today, after class, I noticed a horrible pain in my neck, and realized that I have a very swollen lymph node. Third, the temporal side of my temporomandibular joint is insanely painful to the touch on my left. I’m concerned about it, because I don’t think I bruised it in any way, so I’m worried about possible infections or something. Fourth, my ear might be infected again. My ear smelled terrible yesterday, but it was crazy clogged up with wax. Hopefully, it’ll dry out (now that I’ve cleaned it out well) and be fine.

Oh, and did I mention I have one final Thursday and one next Tuesday?

The Husband and The Head

Days like today make Dan’s job ever so slightly less exciting. It’s Saturday, he’s at work. Yesterday was supposed to be an off Friday (every other Friday they get off, they work 9 hours Monday-Thursday then 8 hours every other Friday), and he worked yesterday too. They’re trying to launch a rocket. Thursday was the first attempt, got scrubbed (cancelled for the day) due to weather. Yesterday, scrubbed again due to weather. Today, same percentage chance of getting scrubbed again due to weather. Tomorrow, thankfully, he won’t have to work (his coworkers are covering his support position because we had plans), but they’ll try again, and it’s the same percentage. If necessary, they’ll push it to Monday, which has a much better percentage of launching. At least they switched to a two week pay period, so he can flex his hours, which will make next week very short.


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