October is Dysautonomia Awareness Month!

Dysautonomia Awareness Month is here!

I am being quite active this year. I don’t think I was even really aware of it last year, or if I was, I was still kind of embarrassed and confused by my diagnosis so I definitely wasn’t as active and excited about it. But this year, oh my goodness! If you are following me on Facebook or Instagram, or both, you have probably been quite surprised in the uptick of my postings and the sheer amount of turquoise.

By the way, dysautonomia’s official awareness color is turquoise! And, if you also weren’t aware, that is one of my favorite colors and has been for years now, so it’s an awesome coincidence and just makes this even better!!!! ALL THE TURQUOISE! *cough sputter* Sorry about that.


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My Internet is Horrid

I have been trying to load a single tab on my computer for about 30 minutes now. Thankfully, the mobile version is a bit faster. I have Comcast, and I hate them. Sadly, they are my only internet option since we got “disqualified for service” by CenturyLink. Comcast works on a shared loop, so several houses use the same internet (essentially) meaning it slows at peak times. The amount of school aged people that we could potentially share with is staggering. That’s why, at 4pm, I’m dealing with speeds like this:


For those of you who don’t know, this is dirt slow. Like, smoke signals would be more efficient right now. Unfortunately, I really need to do stuff online… So I wait. And wait. Hopefully I’ll still be 25 when stuff finally loads.