Thoracic MRI Results

My thoracic MRI results came back: normal.

Hopefully that means everything is just carrying over from my neck, so if we fix my neck maybe it’ll fix the rest of my back.

The MRI Wasn’t That Bad…

It actually wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting. It was a little tiny bit more open than the last one I had, but they are SO LOUD! My ears feel like I’ve been at a rock concert. The Tramadol probably helped with the anxiety, and I’m way better at meditating than I’d realized. All in all, it really wasn’t bad and my breathing didn’t even speed up during the test. The radiologist will make the report tomorrow. I might hear from my doc tomorrow, but I’m betting on Wednesday. I’ll keep ya’ll posted!

Tubular Testing

I do not mean tubular in the surfer way (where it means radical)… Instead, I mean it literally.

I got the call about my MRI. They’re actually going to be doing it in just under 3 hours (it’s 4:15, the MRI is at 7). Yikes! Also found out the headphones may not reach all the way in, so I may be in a tiny tube with no distractions, for an hour. This is not really okay. I’m currently on Tramadol, and (since Dan can drive me) will be taking Tylenol PM about 6pm. Hopefully I’ll be nice and out of it so I don’t have a panic attack. I also need to remember to keep my eyes shut!!!


See how tight that is?

A little freaked out, but I should have results in about 24 hours… So, Wednesday.