Benefits of Wintergreen Essential Oil

It’s the age of computers! That also means, unfortunately, that it’s the age of chronic back pain and chronic neck/shoulder tension. Even those that are not stuck to a computer for eight or more hours a day have a lot more neck and shoulder tension than people used to. relaxed-148083_1280This chronic tension is due to how much time we spend looking forward and down. Are you reading this on your phone? Even if you’re not, I bet you’ve spent a decent amount of time on your phone in the past two hours. Are you working on homework at a desk (if you’re in school)? Do you get home from work and flop onto the couch to unwind with dinner and movie? Do you have to commute in traffic? All of these things contribute to the epidemic of chronic neck and shoulder tension, tension headaches, chronic back pain, and general muscle stiffness.

Thankfully, there are things that can help! You do not have to be stuck with the chronic tension and pain.

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It’s Christmas Eve!

Tons of cooking to do today 🙂 we’re hosting my in-laws for dinner today! I love making holiday dinners.

Unfortunately, my back is doing the same thing it did a few days ago. Breathing hurts, being upright hurts. I had Dan put on a lidocaine patch for me, which I’m desperately hoping works. I can’t take both metaxalone and Tramadol today, or else I can’t hang out with everyone! 😦  I really hope this will get better.

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!

Happy Holidays!

My Neck Has Checked Out

Last night, as I was laying in bed doing my normal things that relax me (playing my silly games on my phone, Instagram, Pinterest, etc), I shifted and realized that all of my necks muscles were extremely sore. It was really odd. So I stretched gently, and ow!!! Yup, something is wrong.

I take a muscle relaxant every night to help me sleep. I figured that sleeping and the muscle relaxant would get them to relax. Finding a comfortable sleeping position was a little difficult, but it wasn’t too bad.

Closing In

Had I slept like this, I’d at least know why my neck hurts!

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