Myofascial Release – My First Experience

Today I did my first myofascial release session with Wendy, a specialist that works out of my Pilates studio. I can’t really report on any sort of long-term results yet, since she said it can take 3 days before the body settles. However, my immediate experience is interesting. It’s unlike anything I’ve done before.

myofascial tissue between ribs

The cobweb looking stuff is the myofascial tissue. This is between ribs.

The myofascial system runs through literally every cell in your body, and it’s all connected. It’s the structure that holds us in a 3D form. It communicates almost instantaneously around your entire body. If you get punched in the stomach, the force can be distributed through your entire body extremely quickly due to the myofascial tissues. The tissue helps you absorb impacts and force, but it also can get stuck when doing so. When the tissue contracts, it also squeezes out it’s fluids; sometimes that fluid doesn’t return and the tissue stays contracted. Emotional things can also imprint on the fascial tissue, meaning that releasing the tissue can sometime release emotions.

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