MRI Results – Preliminary

I know many of you have been waiting for the results with me (which means more to me than I think you realize). I heard from a nurse at my doctor’s office today.

Straight to the point: my brain is NORMAL! This is definitely good news 🙂


My spine, however, is not. Continue reading

Neurology Follow-Up (EMG Results)

Today was my EMG (electromyography) test. emgAs far as medical testing is concerned, that is definitely one of the most painful tests I’ve had to do. He started by hooking leads up to various spots, then using a probe thing to shock me at different magnitudes until he got the results he needed. Not fun. Then the second half of the test, he stuck me with a needle in five different spots (one at a time). He didn’t shock me with them, but he would leave it in a minute with the nerve at rest, then he would have me activate that muscle (so tense it up) in a specific way. That was actually okay, for the most part. The needle in the muscle on the side and base of my thumb wasn’t fun. He put it in and then said “I know, that one stings.” Apparently, I made a face? Oh well, at least he knew it wasn’t comfortable. The others were okay. He put one needle in on the back of my hand at the base of the webbing between my thumb and forefinger. Then he put one in my bicep, one in my tricep, and one in my deltoid.

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Probably Not Good


I’ve been having odd neurological symptoms as of late:menschliches nervensystem

  • I’m still getting regular headaches, almost daily. Some of them are rather intense, but I’m not sure if the others are low intensity or if I got used to them.
  • My arm pain is still really intense still… but a little tiny bit better because I’ve been taking Tramadol regularly. I can’t stand nerve pain like that. Unfortunately, my left arm has started to get a lot of the same symptoms (tingling, numbness, elbow pain, and neural tension). At least the left arm isn’t as intense as the right. (arm 1, 2, 3)
  • My nausea seems to be getting worse. I don’t know if that is from my nervous system or something else. (nausea 1, 2, 3)
  • The thoracic vertebra (the ones at the ribs) pop constantly, and painfully. I think my spine is compressing for some reason.
  • Muscle weakness is getting a lot worse for some reason. I’m exercising a bit more, but it feels like I’ve been exercising less.
  • My muscles burn every time I stretch them. Even if I stretch them after sitting on the couch or lying down. I don’t know why my muscles are always burning like this when I stretch them.
  • Dizziness is coming back slightly, though my cardiologist’s MA thinks it might be from my body adjusting to the fact that my resting heart rate is now in the upper 60s now that it’s controlled.

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A Little Scared and A Lot Worried

I just got back from my Monday appointment with Joleen. I finally decided, after the scary emotional swings this weekend, to fully disclose the full pain in my arm (I hadn’t really been hiding it consciously, I think I was mostly lying to myself). There were several episodes this weekend where the pain in my arm got so bad it pushed me to tears.

After talking with Joleen, and explaining everything, she seemed worried. I don’t like when my doctors get nervous. But, she is right. Normally, when my body randomly acts up, it just takes a few weeks to get it back into sync again. My arm pain came out of no where. I didn’t do anything, and it suddenly was killing me. We’ve been stretching my nerves, trying to release the tension, and rubbing out the knots for several weeks… and we haven’t made any progress.

If anything, I seem to be slowly getting worse…

New Symptoms or Just a Bad Day?

I’ve had some really bizarre emotional things going on today. Physically, I’m not doing too well either, but that is due to the weather suddenly shifting again (I hope).

I guess we’ll start at the beginning.

monday skiing 04

Me skiing at Beaver Creek.

We wanted to go skiing today. My arm has been killing me, and last night it randomly got really bad, pushing me to tears several times. No idea why, because I’ve been doing what I’m supposed to (exercise wise). We set an alarm for 5:45am (to get up there by the time the lifts opened), but we also had the condition of “we’ll see how you feel” (meaning how I felt, Dan said it). At 5:45, Dan asks how I’m feeling, so I had to lay there and force myself awake long enough to do a self assessment. Then I moved and pain shot through my arm. Not good. I told Dan and we decided not to go skiing.

That, as it turns out, was a phenomenal decision…

Saturday Nerves

Saturday (today) is a bachelorette party for a friend of mine. We’re going to be doing restorative yoga, dinner, then Picasso and Wine (do a guided painting and you can get a drink while you do it if you want). It should be a lot of fun!


Why Today is a Bad Health Day

I’ve still been having nerve pain in my arm. Joleen worked on it a ton on Friday (I had to reschedule because of the bronchitis, I didn’t want to get people sick since I was still coughing Monday). I thought it’d be okay, but I should have known better; nothing good can come of an hour of nerve massage on a fibromyalgia patient. My muscles feel bruised (she had to work out some knots she thinks are being caused by the nerve pain), my ribs feel bruised, and I vaguely feel like I got bruised in general.

Last week, I also did too much. Way too much! (read more)

Nerve Pain

I’ve just recently gotten back from my appointment with Joleen (I did a one-on-one not class today). For a few weeks now, I’ve been struggling with nerve pain in my arm. Joleen and I have been working on trying to stretch my median and ulnar nerves, in both arms actually, because they are too tight (which is causing the pain and numbness). The pain, however, is excruciating. We try very hard not to push too hard, but we do have to stretch and massage the nerves. My fibro, I think, makes this a lot harder. I always have to suffer after these appointments. However, I am making minuscule improvements.


This runs down the front of your arm (when hand is positioned such that the palm is out and thumb is away from the body).

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