Post-Op Physical Therapy

I had physical therapy/Pilates today (remember, they’re the same thing right now). It’s been exactly one week since my surgery, and I haven’t been doing well with the pain lately. However, Joleen was pleasantly surprised at how well I did today. Apparently I was way better than she expected, so that’s nice. I feel like I’ve been sliding so far back… but I guess I haven’t been. It’s nice to know I’m not going to completely fall apart by the end of the three weeks. She gave Dan some things he can help me with (and he can show my mom since he has a business trip next week), and then she told me how to do some stuff that is safe with my restrictions, as well as modified some of the exercises I’m already doing. I do feel better, just completely wiped out. I feel like I need to start my fatigue condition all over again (slowly build my energy levels and activity tolerance). Oh well. Things happen. Just gotta keep going.

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