My Chronic Illnesses (part 2)

If you’re just starting to read my blog, please read both the About Me section and the first part of this summary.

So, in the first part I covered the illnesses that I was diagnosed with (or knowingly suffered from) before I turned 18. After graduating high school in California, I moved to Colorado to begin college (August 2008). It didn’t take long for my health to get all out of whack. I ended up having ovarian cyst issues in March 2009, which ultimately ended with surgery in June 2009 to remove a large and stubborn cyst. Thankfully, the cyst problem doesn’t appear to be chronic. However, I ended up getting diagnosed with several other invisible illnesses, which are explained below in rough order of diagnosis. From oldest to most recent, this post will cover: migraines, plantar fasciitis, and fibromyalgia. 

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