Tubular Testing

I do not mean tubular in the surfer way (where it means radical)… Instead, I mean it literally.

I got the call about my MRI. They’re actually going to be doing it in just under 3 hours (it’s 4:15, the MRI is at 7). Yikes! Also found out the headphones may not reach all the way in, so I may be in a tiny tube with no distractions, for an hour. This is not really okay. I’m currently on Tramadol, and (since Dan can drive me) will be taking Tylenol PM about 6pm. Hopefully I’ll be nice and out of it so I don’t have a panic attack. I also need to remember to keep my eyes shut!!!


See how tight that is?

A little freaked out, but I should have results in about 24 hours… So, Wednesday.

A Little Scared and A Lot Worried

I just got back from my Monday appointment with Joleen. I finally decided, after the scary emotional swings this weekend, to fully disclose the full pain in my arm (I hadn’t really been hiding it consciously, I think I was mostly lying to myself). There were several episodes this weekend where the pain in my arm got so bad it pushed me to tears.

After talking with Joleen, and explaining everything, she seemed worried. I don’t like when my doctors get nervous. But, she is right. Normally, when my body randomly acts up, it just takes a few weeks to get it back into sync again. My arm pain came out of no where. I didn’t do anything, and it suddenly was killing me. We’ve been stretching my nerves, trying to release the tension, and rubbing out the knots for several weeks… and we haven’t made any progress.

If anything, I seem to be slowly getting worse…

Please Keep my Grampa in Your Thoughts

I’m between an emotional rock and hard place.

I’m extremely close with my grandparents. They’ve always been there for me, with games and milkshakes and jokes. I grew up ten minutes away from them, and I spent a ton of time with them while I was growing up. Of course, they’re getting older, and I realize they probably won’t be with me for too terribly long, but I have no idea what I’ll do when I don’t have them there anymore. Hopefully, that won’t happen for a long time. They adore Dan, and he has gotten pretty close with them too!

wedding us with g&g square

But I need your help, to send positive vibes to my grandfather.

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