My Last First Day – complete

Yesterday, I mentioned how having my last first day of school is a complete mixed bag of feelings. Well, I realized that because I was talking to Dan about it Monday night and ended up in a giant puddle of tears. It’s very complex.

First, I am THRILLED I’m going to be done! I have been in college since August 2008, with only one calendar year off, and in school since I was 5 (20 years now). While I do love to learn, I have grown to really hate school. At the same time, however, school is familiar and safe and it’s going to be really weird not going anymore. I’m not big on rigid schedules, and now my health isn’t either. School definitely requires a rigid schedule. college_textbooks-480x280I also can’t stand homework. I know, I know, nobody likes homework. But I loathe it. I have an almost impossible time sitting down to make myself do it. If there is ANYTHING (including cleaning) that I can do instead of homework, it’ll get done. Dan will just say “I need to study” then sit down and do it; while I say “I need to study” and then the house becomes spotless and then the photos on the computer get organized and then my closet is organized by color and then I’ll maybe do the studying I need. I cannot stand homework. Instead of a “graduation party” I’m going to be having a “no more homework” party. Seriously.

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My Last First Day – part 0.5

Today marked my last first day of class! While I’m very excited to be almost done with school, there is a crazy mixed bag of feelings.

I’m exhausted, however, so I’ll have to explore those feelings in a different post. Sorry. I don’t do well with the waking up at six in the morning thing (my classes start at eight).

Finals Begin Today

My first final is in an hour… And my intestines are spasming badly. I took my antispasmodic before I left the house, but I didn’t bring it with me…


I really hope they calm down before my exam. I’m not all that nervous, I’m pretty good at exams. I did well on my midterm, and I’ve done well on everything else. I’m at school with tons of time, and I am mentally reviewing info for the essay questions.

Slight Relief

Thankfully, the KILLER headache is gone. I’ve been doing homework on the computer all day though, so I do have a headache again. Most of my muscles no longer feel like I’ve been hit by a truck, but if I move wrong I can tell they are really tight because suddenly they pull very painfully. Still no energy for a shower or anything like that. I really need to shower today though, especially if I am going to take Dan out for his birthday! Ugh. I cannot wait to get my homework wrapped up for the semester.


Can’t you tell that I’m super excited about my homework?

Dan is going to call his Employee Assistance Program thing to find me a neurologist. My increase in the severity and frequency of my headaches was concerning us, and this last episode definitely scared us both. Here’s hoping I can find answers sometime soon.

Time Just Keeps Going

Yup, time just keeps running away. It always does, but it seems like it has sped up yet again. Remember how the months of October, November, and December used to last forever when you were quite young? How the school year was painfully long but summer was super short? Well, how did everything turn into elementary school (kindergarten thru sixth grade, roughly aged 5 thru 12, for those of you not in the United States; though it only goes through fifth grade for some schools) summers?! Seriously. Where is time going?!

vintage clock macro

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In Which I Get All Angsty About HW

I’m so done with school. My senior year of high school, I totally burned out. I almost got unaccepted to my college because I just stopped doing my schoolwork. Luckily, my dad talked to the school and convinced them to keep me. I’ve been in college for seven years now, with a one year break; three years in a row. I’m done. I HATE homework. I realize no one likes it, but I have an almost impossible time making myself do it.

And guess what I need to do? Get caught up on my homework. Yup. I have to do my term paper (due tomorrow) for geography. I also fell behind on my geography map quizzes, mostly because I was doing things I needed to do for my health (physical and mental). So, today and tomorrow I need to do my term paper (luckily, it should be pretty easy). Then I need to do all my map quizzes before Thanksgiving. I only have two weeks of classes after break.

Only one semester left. Then I don’t need to do school ever again!!! Yay!!!! Of course, I’m still going to get pressure from various people, I’m sure. But Dan understands how much I hate homework, and he’s perfectly okay with me not getting a job. I’m just going to get my associate’s degree and then I can focus on other things (painting, sewing, photography, my house, writing, etc). I just can’t wait to be done… and I really don’t want to do my homework.

First Midterm Grade Back!

YAY! I got my World Regional Geography midterm back on Tuesday. I got 73/80 points, which is a 91.25% 😀 I only missed 1 (of 60) of the multiple choice, but the essay questions didn’t turn out as well. For our overall class grade, the midterm is worth 200 points. 91.25% of 200 is 182.5 points! So far, so good!

I wonder when I’ll get my Forensic Anthropology midterm back…? It was much easier than I expected, so hopefully I’ll get it back soon with a good grade at the top!