I had my World Regional Geography midterm on Thursday last week. It was pretty easy for me, but I’ve also been finding classwork extremely interesting and always sharing it with Dan, so it gets stuck in my head. I’m hoping I did well on it. I feel as though I got an A, because I really don’t think I missed enough to get a B. Some of his answer choices were hilarious. Hopefully, I’ll get the exam back so I can share 😛

Today is my Forensic Anthropology midterm. I’m kind of nervous. She gave us a study guide, but it’s pretty much “study everything.” Thanks. She gave it to us Thursday. I’ve been struggling with my health a bit, so I have been having a very hard time studying. However, the osteology test we had was far easier than anyone expected, so hopefully the midterm will be too. I’m studying right now (well, I was, and I will be again). The test will start at 3p today. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

fingers crossed

October Update: Post-op, Chronics, Life

I had my post-op on October 6th, so a while ago now. Oh wow, time flies. I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to update those of you that have been reading all of the surgery updates, school has been extremely time consuming (more on that later).


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Short Life Update… because, Insomnia

Mom is leaving to head back to CA tomorrow… actually, today… in, like, 5 1/2 hours. And I’m not sleeping. Oops. I told her I’d make her some maps. So what do I do? Decide I can’t stand the new way that Google prints maps anymore, so I decide to make my own. Now, they turned out really well. But I’m dumb, “Yes, I feel ill… so let’s spend three plus hours making maps from screen shots and typed directions.” Oh well, she shouldn’t get lost at least :-/ Though I suppose their could be random construction detours that weren’t marked… you never know on road trips.


Brain ‘splode!

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Don’t Worry, I’m Still Alive

I just haven’t been feeling up to doing this (blogging). Which I know means I should, but I just don’t want to. I’m three weeks post-op today! So I figured I’d mark the occasion with a small post filling you in on the last week.

My thoughts have been in a kind of dark funk lately… not things I want to write about though, which is part of why there haven’t been any posts. When my depression freaks out, it kind of takes over, and then I have a hard time doing anything at all.

Temper Tantrum

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Crazy Life… But, Gotta Love It! Right?

Life has been crazy.

  • I’m still recovering and it’s taking a LOT of energy. Though, I’m making major progress on my ear pain and have been able to reduce the pain killers.
  • School. School = homework. Right now: homework = reading multiple chapters. ‘Nuff said.
  • Fibromyalgia is a … unwelcome guest. I was doing so well, too. Oh well, I knew getting my hopes up that this surgery wouldn’t trigger a flare was a bad idea.
  • POTS is also unwelcome, but doesn’t care that I don’t want it around. And my insomnia is flaring up too. Overall, not much fun on the Chronic side of things, and too many unwanted guests hanging around.

So much going on, so many spoons that I want to spend, so many spoons that I don’t have. I also don’t tend to post much on weekends because Dan is home. I adore Dan, and I love spending as much time with him as I possibly can while he’s home. Monday was Labor Day this time, so he was also home; and now he’s on a business trip, so I definitely was not going to be on my computer. I didn’t even turn my computer on Sunday or Monday!

Class, Surgery, Life, Anxiety… The List Goes On…

I’m sorry that I don’t have time for a long post… I need to be waking up in just over four hours. Blogging has been something I really enjoy, and not having had time to post has been rough. But, I can at least give you a quick update about today and my feelings about tomorrow.

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Cutting in Time for School

I had a follow-up appointment with Dr. K today, to see if the eardrops had worked (yes, I was able to continue them for the entire ten days). They have!!!! 😀 I no longer have any infections in my ear!!! This is cause for some major dancing around, my ear has been infected since the middle of March!

:: crazy dance party of one commences ::

Dancing Bean

:: record screeches to a halt ::

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