Why Today is a Bad Health Day

I’ve still been having nerve pain in my arm. Joleen worked on it a ton on Friday (I had to reschedule because of the bronchitis, I didn’t want to get people sick since I was still coughing Monday). I thought it’d be okay, but I should have known better; nothing good can come of an hour of nerve massage on a fibromyalgia patient. My muscles feel bruised (she had to work out some knots she thinks are being caused by the nerve pain), my ribs feel bruised, and I vaguely feel like I got bruised in general.

Last week, I also did too much. Way too much! (read more)

Albuterol Jitterbug

Because of my asthma, I always have had a rescue inhaler… Since I was about five. Thankfully, I don’t have to use it often anymore. Throughout school I had to use it quite often because my asthma is mostly exercise induced and we had to do a weekly mile (two in high school) in physical education. I also got sick a lot in school, and illnesses love to settle in the lungs if you have asthma.



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How I Know I’m Sick This Time


Fever, check. It’s been bouncing between 99 and 101 (though, the 101 was shortly after finishing tea, so I think that was my dysautonomia not letting my body stay consistent) today.

Dehydration, check. My lips are as cracked as a typical “desert floor” photograph. I’ve been doing nothing but drinking fluids for two days, or so it feels.

Head full to bursting, check. Nose is also trying to escape… If it wasn’t for the fact it’s attached to my face it’d be on the opposite side of the world by now.

Gnarly cough, check. I haven’t coughed like this since I was a kid. Very tempted to send a sound clip to my parents just to be sure I don’t need to go to the doc ASAP… They should recognize this cough. By the way, Robitussin (cough syrup) isn’t stopping it.

Inability to sleep, check. I took Tylenol PM, but I can’t breathe thru my nose and I can’t stop coughing… It’s really hard to sleep, even with drugs, thru coughing fits and a thoroughly plugged nose.

As It Turns Out

I am very sick. I wasn’t entirely sure for a few days, thought it might just be allergies and dry air that were making my throat hurt. But now, completely positive. I have developed a nasty cough, one I used to get as a kid a lot. It’s horrible and painful. Plus the fatigue is thru the roof and my nose is trying to escape. Not to bad on the pain front, however, so that’s a plus. Just the major pain of my throat and the arm thing.

Oh well. Hopefully I can get better before school starts next week… Hopefully without the aid of my nebulizer.

Don’t Worry, I’m Still Alive

I just haven’t been feeling up to doing this (blogging). Which I know means I should, but I just don’t want to. I’m three weeks post-op today! So I figured I’d mark the occasion with a small post filling you in on the last week.

My thoughts have been in a kind of dark funk lately… not things I want to write about though, which is part of why there haven’t been any posts. When my depression freaks out, it kind of takes over, and then I have a hard time doing anything at all.

Temper Tantrum

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