“I was raised without religion” – from Scary Mommy

Thanks to my friend Ashley (too many friends named Ashley, haha, this one has two kids), I discovered the blog site Scary Mommy. No, I’m not a mom… not yet. However, I want to be a mom more than I want to be anything else. It’s been that way forever, but it wasn’t ever an acceptable response to the “what do you want to be when you grow up?” question… it still isn’t, but I’m finally not afraid to admit it. I get the feeling everyone feels like I’m betraying the work everyone is doing for women’s equality… but I view it completely the other way. I’m 100% for working women, more power to them. I’m 100% for working men, congratulations. I’m 100% for stay at home women, more power to them. I’m 100% for stay at home men, more power to them too. I’m 100% for equal rights for every single person on the planet with no exceptions (well, there are a few exceptions where I think that someone loses their humanity, but it’s a similar method to creating a horcrux). Anyway, the reason I love Scary Mommy, is because they are 100% for everyone too. They give equal voice to all sides of motherhood, and attempt to stop the “parent shaming” that is rampant in society today.

I read an excellent article on Scary Mommy today. The article is called: “I Was Raised Without Religion – And I’m Glad.”

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