Productive Gastroenterology Appointment Today!

Today was my follow-up appointment with my gastroenterologist, and it was an extremely productive appointment! My GI doc is my favorite doctor, by quite a lot. They’re the most awkward subject matter, but they’re always productive and my doc refuses to give up on me. It’s a very refreshing change from how most doctors treat my cases.


Anyway, the follow-up was in regards to my HIDA scan. Continue reading

Time for a HIDA Scan…

My stomach issues have been slowly getting worse and it’s been very disheartening. The delayed gastric emptying has hit ridiculous levels, and the pain and nausea can be incapacitating after I eat.

The absolute worst episode was the weekend my mother-in-law was in town… Of course, when people are in town, we try our best to not let my health mess with our plans. Becky, my MIL, was here from Friday night until midday Sunday. Continue reading

Stomach Issues Return

Normally after vacations, due to all the restaurant and junk food, I am horribly stopped up.

For some reason, this time, I now have diarrhea. It’s not “running to the restroom every few hours” bad, but the last three days have all had multiple loose stools. Today is the worst of it so far. But the frequency is way off. I’ve only gone about twice each the last two days, which is weird.

My stomach though feels horrid. It feels like I’ve been hit in the lower abdomen by a baseball bat and my colon has been set on fire. No idea what triggered this.

I do not have a fever.

I’m glad I see my GI on the 31st. Hopefully it doesn’t get any worse, and I really hope it doesn’t last that long…

This Time I Didn’t Eat Mold, So What is the Deal?!

(Started writing this 3/29) If you read this post, then you already kind of know what I’m dealing with today. If you didn’t, a quick summary is that last week I accidentally drank a moldy LifeWater and had to deal with watery diarrhea for a day (and overall feel like I was dying).

Today, I had to go to school. I managed to wake up at 6am and make it to my 8am class because I had to take my exam.

instagram waiting at school signed

just waiting…

I haven’t been to class much at all, but my math teacher is very kind and still recognized me by name and seemed very happy to see me today. I had two hours to take my exam, and I finished it in 45 minutes (that was the total time even after looking it back over twice). I had 15 minutes to kill before the “graduation expo” (or whatever they called it) opened, so I could buy my cap and gown, and my next class wasn’t until 10. While I was waiting, my stomach issues of the last few days got worse. The last two days I’ve had a lot of gurgling high up in my abdomen, and I’ve been having a lot of bloating and some distention, but nothing has really been moving. I’ve really just felt awful as a result, and really haven’t wanted to move. I don’t know what has set this off. But while I was waiting to buy my cap and gown, I started to feel even more sick. My lower abdomen started to get stabbing pains (which is usually a sign that things are about to get dramatic in a not so fun way), but it still didn’t feel like anything was moving; the bloating feeling was getting way worse; I felt like I wanted to throw up just to empty my abdomen out, but I’d only eaten two homemade blueberry muffins so I knew that wouldn’t actually help; and my upper abdomen started to get all gurgly again. I started to get the acid feeling in my throat from the urge to vomit, and was swallowing hard to keep it at bay (I knew I didn’t need to and it was just a last ditch “please help” type of reaction). Then I got all light headed, probably from not being able to take all my meds.

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I Had a Great Day, and Then…

… It was gone.

Now I’m writhing around in bed trying desperately to find a position for some relief while also trying to move agonizingly slowly because I don’t want to shake my stomach up and vomit. Don’t know what happened, but suddenly the urge to vomit appeared and it won’t go away, even with Zofran. Dan thinks I ate too many allergens. I don’t think that’s the whole picture, but all I do know is I feel awful.

I don’t want to vomit because last time I started I needed to go to the ER to stop… But I also kind of want to so I might feel better. What would be really nice would be the ability to remove my stomach until it calmed down. Oh, and sleep would be fantastic.

Finals Begin Today

My first final is in an hour… And my intestines are spasming badly. I took my antispasmodic before I left the house, but I didn’t bring it with me…


I really hope they calm down before my exam. I’m not all that nervous, I’m pretty good at exams. I did well on my midterm, and I’ve done well on everything else. I’m at school with tons of time, and I am mentally reviewing info for the essay questions.

Food Holidays and GI Issues

Oh Thanksgiving… You do not give me great hope for Christmas! My stomach hates me now (not quite as much as I expected, but more than too much). I eat the same kind of meal at Christmas (turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, potatoes, etc), so this doesn’t bode well. But at least I won’t go on a fast food binge before Christmas (like on a road trip).