Self-Care Hydration Challenge

As the weather gets warmer here in the northern hemisphere, many of us get a lot more active! An increase in activity necessitates an increase in hydration. When it’s hot outside, even if you’re not active, you need to increase hydration as well. Heat causes you to sweat, and sweat causes you to lose a lot more water than you would if you weren’t sweating. While hydration is important year round, I thought the warmer weather would be a good time to really focus on your hydration levels!


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Top 6 Tips for Dealing with Summer Pain Flares

beach-1867524_1920For me, summer equals significantly more physical activity. I’m sure most people that live in an area that experiences winter will agree: when the weather is “nice” we do as much as possible to try to make up for being inside all winter. When you are chronically ill, however, more physical activity can also equal significantly more pain.

My fibromyalgia is the main cause of my pain in the winter, but I experience different pain in the summer. I haven’t been able to figure out how big a role each of my conditions plays into the summer pain, but I have developed a few tricks for dealing with it. My summer pain is extreme muscular fatigue, joint pain, and an all over bruised sensation; I do experience nerve pain, but it’s usually do to a pinched nerve thanks to my joint problems instead of due to my fibromyalgia. I also have to juggle my dysautonomia which includes a lot of problems with temperature regulation (leading to overheating) and swelling. Continue reading

Heat Headaches

I have been struggling with headaches recently thanks to the heatwave that is engulfing of the central and southern United States lately. It’s been in the 90°F range (or hotter) petty much every day for weeks, and I don’t have a way to keep my house less than 80°F. When I overheat, I get headaches. When I get headaches, I can’t use the computer. 😦 I am hoping to get back to writing more soon!!!!!

The Heat of Summer

I live in Colorado, the Denver area. People around here tend to rate how hot summers are based on how many days get over 90°F, so it doesn’t get very hot here. Before the POTS, I thought this heat was absolutely nothing. My car doesn’t have A/C (and hasn’t since before I got my license), and the apartment I lived in with Dan was my only residence in CO with A/C (the house before that had a swamp cooler, but it didn’t work too terribly well). So yeah, my house doesn’t have A/C.

I also want to replace the blinds with blackout curtains

I also want to replace the blinds with blackout curtains

My house, a townhouse, is oriented north to south (front door north, back is south). Well, the north side stays cool, well, cooler. But the south side gets HOT. We have a window in the kitchen, one in the powder room, one in the office, technically two in the master but they are connected to form one giant window, two venting skylights in the master bedroom, and a sliding glass door. Continue reading

Whoopsie Daisy!!!

I’m so sorry guys! I just realized I haven’t posted anything since I left for California! Right now I’m visiting with my family in California, so I’ve been busy enjoying them and I haven’t even turned on my computer. I have a few post ideas, so when I get a moment I’ll share!

I will also be helping Mom setup her Etsy shop this vacation! She is and extremely talented jewelry maker, so stay tuned!!!