The PreOp Highlights

I had my pre-op appointment yesterday. My heart kept racing, and I was having a very difficult time calming it down, even with Dan being completely ridiculous in his attempt to distract me 😛 I think my heart kept panicking because everyone kept using the word “surgery.” Yes, that is what it is, and I’m not really sure what else they could have said (maybe procedure?) to keep me from panicking… The word just makes me panic! I got a lot of good information at the appointment however, and some of it made me feel a little better about my recovery period… but I really hate reading the risks waivers. Though, this time, there were some kind of amusing ones.

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Surgery Jitters

I’m very nervous about my surgery… it’s in exactly one week. I don’t like surgery, really, REALLY don’t like it. I don’t like general anesthesia, and I don’t like recovery times. This will be my third surgery, and my fourth time under general anesthesia. My previous two surgeries were to remove an ovarian cyst and remove my wisdom teeth. The three previous times under general anesthesia were for the two surgeries and then for my upper endoscopy that diagnosed my eosinophilic esophagitis.

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Cutting in Time for School

I had a follow-up appointment with Dr. K today, to see if the eardrops had worked (yes, I was able to continue them for the entire ten days). They have!!!! 😀 I no longer have any infections in my ear!!! This is cause for some major dancing around, my ear has been infected since the middle of March!

:: crazy dance party of one commences ::

Dancing Bean

:: record screeches to a halt ::

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The Great Ear Saga of 2015

Melodramatic title? Probably. But this ear thing has been crazy, so it feels appropriate right now.

This ear saga started just before my birthday, March 2015… but of course, we didn’t realize that it would turn into a saga. I woke up March 10th with the telltale pain in my ear signaling an outer ear infection (commonly referred to as swimmer’s ear), so I went to urgent care as soon as I got dressed. This was my 6th or 7th ear infection since moving to Colorado, so I knew for sure it was an infection. I just needed to make sure I didn’t have an internal one as well, and get a prescription for antibiotic drops. The urgent care doc, seeing that I’d just been in the previous May for another ear infection, referred me to an ENT (ear nose throat doc) to find out why I keep getting ear infections…

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