Asthma Storylines Health Tracking Application – Review

Disclaimer: For my honest review, I am being compensated through the Chronic Illness Bloggers group. Even though I’m receiving compensation for my review, all opinions of the product/service are accurate and reflect my true thoughts about the product/service. I was in no way influenced by the company or CIB.

I was selected to review the “Asthma Storylines” mobile application (for Android) by Health Storylines (link). For context, I was using this application on an LG G5 running Android Nougat (7.0). I used this app daily for one week prior to writing this review, and overall I’m quite impressed! Of course, there are a few things that could use some tweaking (like in every single application I’ve ever used, of any type), but it’s an impressive health tracking app!

Actually, I wasn’t just impressed, I was extremely happy. It’s a very thorough health tracking app, and definitely not just for asthma management – despite the name. There are several different tools to utilize, and the ones I used most extensively were: Symptoms, Medication Tracker, Routine Builder, and Daily Asthma Control. Since I fiddled with the rest of the app as well, my overall impression (at the bottom) takes the entire experience into consideration, not just these four tools. Continue reading

New Computer

YAY! I got a new desktop computer!

Both Dan’s and my laptops are making their way, ever so slowly, to the technology graveyard living in the office closet. Even though they haven’t died yet, it’s making us both rather nervous. Dan just started graduate school, I am in my final semester of school, and my only potential income streams are from the internet. Oh, and this blog. Losing computer access, or reliable computer access, just isn’t an option. I’ve also managed to almost completely fill up my laptop because of my photography. Then, tax refund money arrived!

Obviously, a new computer was first up for us!

It’s great and super fast. Right now, it’s just on the dining table, but it’s a lot of fun having a fully functional and speedy computer.

Though, I do now have to learn Windows 10 (so far so good) and start the long process of transferring files. But it’s still exciting! That is, if you couldn’t tell, what I’ve been doing all day (setting things up). I did have my GI appointment, but I’ll post about that later. For now, sleep is necessary.