Home from Vacation

I went in a week long vacation to visit one of my best friends. She was one of my bridesmaids and I’ve known her since I was a freshman in high school (she was a junior). We get to see each other very often, but since she just had second daughter two months ago (yup, same bestie) I decided to make the trip out there! It was awesome!!! I’ll post a few photos wire about how it went later. For now, I must recover and sleep!

I wanted to share a few photos from our trip to Beaver Creek with the in-laws 🙂 The people that went were: Becky (my mother-in-law), Shelby (sister-in-law), Jimmy (Shelby’s boyfriend), Dave (brother-in-law), Claire (Dave’s roommate), Dan, and myself. We got up there Saturday afternoon, and just hung out at the condo and had a nice dinner. Sunday (Jan 3) we went ice skating, then went tubing at Vail. Monday we went skiing. Tuesday we checked out about 10 and drove home!

Ice Skating – Sunday, January 3rd


Beaver Creek Vacation – photos

POTS and Skiing – coming soon!

Skiing and POTS… Weird combination. I’ll have to go into more detail later, as my phone is horrible for posts… But I had a lot of fun once I was able to get going, and did a LOT better than I expected.


Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I’m up skiing for a few days, so I probably won’t be able to get much posted for the next few days… of course, I didn’t get a chance to schedule posts before I left. I did bring my computer, so I might get a chance. Otherwise, it’ll have to wait until Wednesday!

So I took a ton of photos at Zion National Park. Here are a few of my favorites:


Zion National Park Photos

I took a ton of photos at Zion National Park (about 50), so I’ll hopefully get them posted tomorrow. But for now, here are some pictures of our drive to Zion 🙂 I didn’t take any photos from the first day of our “to California” trip, because the weather sucked and then it was dark! I also didn’t take many after Zion… but that’s just because it’s mostly desert that I’ve seen a million times and didn’t see anything unique.

Driving to Cali (Thanksgiving Break)

First Road Trip With POTS – Short Thoughts

This has been my first road trip since my POTS diagnosis, and it has been a learning experience. I’ll write more about it later, but here are some quick points.

  • You will be too hot and too cold… Sometimes at the same time.
  • You are going to get crazy dizzy because road trips are dehydrating
  • Clothing is obnoxious
  • Fast food and soda are simultaneously awesome and evil
  • Bladders are tiny
  • There is no such thing as being over prepared

Weddings and POTS

I really enjoyed the wedding in California, but it ended up wreaking havoc on my symptoms, unfortunately. This was the wedding of the girl I’ve known since we were eight, and had asked to be my maid of honor, so symptoms were anything but “okay” during this wedding. They crashed the wedding, but I was completely determined to enjoy every minute, so I did. Why did my symptoms crash the wedding? The Los Angeles area gets extremely hot during the summer, especially the farther you get from the coast. As an example, my parents’ area is supposed to get to 105°F on both Thursday and Friday… and that’s the kind of heat I got used to while growing up!

Wedding Weather

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Whoopsie Daisy!!!

I’m so sorry guys! I just realized I haven’t posted anything since I left for California! Right now I’m visiting with my family in California, so I’ve been busy enjoying them and I haven’t even turned on my computer. I have a few post ideas, so when I get a moment I’ll share!

I will also be helping Mom setup her Etsy shop this vacation! She is and extremely talented jewelry maker, so stay tuned!!!