‘K Belly, You Can Stop Now…

I hate throwing up, almost to a phobic level. I do pretty much anything to avoid it. When I’ve gotten sick enough that I’m pretty much begging my body to throw up just to get a little relief, it’s a good sign that I’m pretty awful. Tonight is like that.

We had blueberry muffins and scrambled eggs for dinner (a favorite). Normally, I’ll eat my share of the eggs (I love eggs) and 4 muffins (they’re smallish)… After eating my share of the eggs and two muffins tonight, I had that sort incredibly full feeling that just aches. Usually, that feeling goes away again in about an hour or two. Nope. Five hours later and I still feel so crazy full I can’t stand it. I just want to throw up so I can not feel like this anymore – it’s making me nauseous and cranky. I realize one of the possible Linzess side effects is feeling overly full very quickly and staying that way. This feeling better not stick around or I’ll be losing weight in a very unhealthy manner… Ugh.

I really wish my belly would just get with the program and stop panicking over this new medication.

Today is Not a Good Day

I had class today. My alarm goes off at 6a because I need to leave by 7a to get to school. My classes start at 8am, but traffic gets bad about 7:30am, so I need to beat traffic to my school. Anyway. My alarm went off, and I was REALLY out of it, so I hit snooze. I think I hit it three or four times, so I didn’t get out of bed until about 6:15-6:20a. I stumbled to the restroom, and nothing would move properly. I couldn’t coordinate my limbs very well because I was completely stiff. I tried to take some deep breaths, and I realized that my ribs were in a lot of pain. I was really disoriented, foggy, and in a lot of pain. My throat hurt and I was spitting out (not coughing up) little blood clots (I think they were in my post-nasal drip, meaning I got a small nosebleed last night). Pretty much, I was miserable. While I want to be responsible and go to class, I just couldn’t shake these feelings. I ended up going back to sleep and slept until 11a. I do feel a little better now, but I’m still not doing fantastic. Since I still feel horrible, I’m glad I decided to stay home.

I’m completely drained, and I’m in a lot of pain. I don’t know if the evening Pilates class I did last night pushed me over an edge, or if I am catching Dan’s cold. Dan has been sick this week, with a sore throat and cough and fatigue. I don’t really have my typical symptoms of getting sick, however, so I don’t think I’m getting sick… but then again, it’s almost impossible to tell. I just really want to sleep and I really want to stop hurting. I did take Aleve this morning, but I guess I’m going to have to take a Tramadol again because my eyes are watering just sitting on the couch. I just have to remember it’ll pass. Either I’ll get used to it and it won’t hurt me as much, or it will go away. Either way, it’ll pass.

Remember, I do not post these posts for sympathy or pity. I post these so that I am accurately portraying life with Chronics. Life with Chronics is unpredictable and sometimes sucks; sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s awful. These negative posts are to remind people they aren’t alone, and that sometimes the bad days just knock you down hard. But remember, it is possible to get back up.


Grampa Update #5

Sorry it’s been quite some time since I’ve updated y’all about my grandparents. Don’t panic.

Grampa had been at home over a week now. He’s supposed to be using the statutory to go upstairs, but it’s slow so he doesn’t. According to my parents, he really isn’t listening to most of the doctor’s orders about physical activity. Oh well. Otherwise, he’s doing great!

Grama, actually, is the one having problems. Continue reading

Cute Compression Socks on Sale!

This is not a sponsored post… I just love fancy socks.

RejuvaHealth.com is having a small sale! They have a coupon code too: CELEBRATE. The code takes an extra 10% off, even sale products! I just bought three new pairs of compression socks, and I’m super excited about it. I love my socks!

rejuvahealth sale

I got the Chevron Slate socks, Rose socks, and the Sheer Floral knee highs. I’ve been stalking their sale page in hopes of finding some of their medium strength (20-30 mmHg) socks. As you can probably see, I got two pairs of the 20-30 mmHg socks, and another pair of the 15-20 mmHg. I have two pairs of the 15-20 mmHg, and they’re great for light compression on a daily basis. I can’t wait, however, for the stronger ones for when I go do things where I’ll be on my feet more!!!!

(I’m still working on a styling post, by the way. As it turns out, I don’t fit a lot of my clothes that I want to wear them with. Hopefully, summer will yield more styling options.)

I Need Feedback on Dysautonomia Zazzle Designs!

I’d like some feedback about my dysautonomia design for Zazzle. I want to make more products, and I’d like to make some more designs. I’d also like to make some for general chronic/rare illnesses and fibro. I’m not super fantastic at designing, but I’d like to get better, so practice is necessary!

Can you tell me what is good about this design, or what may need tweaking? What kind of things do you think I could do to make the other designs I’d like to market? What kinds of colors should I do for general chronic or rare illness awareness designs? What other products should I offer this design, or other designs, on?

My Current Dysautonomia Design & Products

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Saturday Nerves

Saturday (today) is a bachelorette party for a friend of mine. We’re going to be doing restorative yoga, dinner, then Picasso and Wine (do a guided painting and you can get a drink while you do it if you want). It should be a lot of fun!


My Internet is Horrid

I have been trying to load a single tab on my computer for about 30 minutes now. Thankfully, the mobile version is a bit faster. I have Comcast, and I hate them. Sadly, they are my only internet option since we got “disqualified for service” by CenturyLink. Comcast works on a shared loop, so several houses use the same internet (essentially) meaning it slows at peak times. The amount of school aged people that we could potentially share with is staggering. That’s why, at 4pm, I’m dealing with speeds like this:


For those of you who don’t know, this is dirt slow. Like, smoke signals would be more efficient right now. Unfortunately, I really need to do stuff online… So I wait. And wait. Hopefully I’ll still be 25 when stuff finally loads.

Goodbye, Alan Rickman

The wound in my heart has been torn back open – the one left by Harry Potter. Alan Rickman, aka Severus Snape, has died from cancer at the age of 69. Now, I realize he was so much more than Snape, he was an absolutely fantastic actor. However, I am part of the Harry Potter generation. I used to think that phrase was making fun of people my age, but it isn’t. The first book in the series was released (in the US) when I was 8 years old. The last movie came out when I was 21. That is 13 years of my life spent waiting for the next Harry Potter installment. When I turn 26 in March, that will mean I spent half of my life waiting for Harry Potter. So, yes, for me, Alan Rickman will always be Snape. That, and they couldn’t have cast a more perfect actor if they had tried. Because he is Snape, hearing the news of his death felt like the hole that will never heal left at the close of Harry Potter (it’s not a bad one, it’s just that much of a part of who I am) was made raw again and had salt poured on it. I have always thought that he would be a fantastic person to know.


Alan Rickman always struck me as a very warm and cheerful soul, with a great depth of feeling. The depth of his acting definitely proves the depth of his emotions; he couldn’t have done what he did without being an incredibly empathetic soul. I always wished I could meet him… My impression could best be described as the stereotypical “perfect father/grandfather” type of person: cheerful, warm, loving, stern when necessary, willing to do anything for the people he loves. This idea was reinforced when I heard about his wife: they were together for 50 years, but only married for one. I imagine that when he was diagnosed with cancer, he wanted to make sure she would be taken care of legally if he happened to lose the battle. That’s just the kind of thing I would imagine he would want to take care of first.

And yes, he is not just Snape. He plays a great role in Love Actually, though a role you are supposed to hate in a way. I also loved him as Marvin in Hitchhiker’s Guide and the blue caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland (the Tim Burton one). He was fantastically creepy as Judge Turpin in Sweeney Todd. However, anytime I see him in anything, I just go “OMG! It’s Snape!” and I’m okay with that. What I’m not okay with, is that this wonderful and talented soul had to leave so early.

R.I.P Alan Rickman

How I Know I’m Sick This Time


Fever, check. It’s been bouncing between 99 and 101 (though, the 101 was shortly after finishing tea, so I think that was my dysautonomia not letting my body stay consistent) today.

Dehydration, check. My lips are as cracked as a typical “desert floor” photograph. I’ve been doing nothing but drinking fluids for two days, or so it feels.

Head full to bursting, check. Nose is also trying to escape… If it wasn’t for the fact it’s attached to my face it’d be on the opposite side of the world by now.

Gnarly cough, check. I haven’t coughed like this since I was a kid. Very tempted to send a sound clip to my parents just to be sure I don’t need to go to the doc ASAP… They should recognize this cough. By the way, Robitussin (cough syrup) isn’t stopping it.

Inability to sleep, check. I took Tylenol PM, but I can’t breathe thru my nose and I can’t stop coughing… It’s really hard to sleep, even with drugs, thru coughing fits and a thoroughly plugged nose.

As It Turns Out

I am very sick. I wasn’t entirely sure for a few days, thought it might just be allergies and dry air that were making my throat hurt. But now, completely positive. I have developed a nasty cough, one I used to get as a kid a lot. It’s horrible and painful. Plus the fatigue is thru the roof and my nose is trying to escape. Not to bad on the pain front, however, so that’s a plus. Just the major pain of my throat and the arm thing.

Oh well. Hopefully I can get better before school starts next week… Hopefully without the aid of my nebulizer.