My First Sponsored Post Opportunity

Hey Everyone!!!!

I have been a member of a chronic illness blogging group for a little while now, and they are fantastic. Just recently, I have been given the opportunity to try out a product and write a sponsored post for it! I just wanted to let you know that I’d be getting in to doing that so that you weren’t suddenly blindsided by this new thing appearing on my blog.

I’m extremely excited by this opportunity to take the next step in doing something that I love doing, and to also try out something that may really help me and could possibly help some of you as well!

(And yes, I’m still working on the colonoscopy post series I mentioned a while back. I had to stop as it was a little too traumatic to work on so close to the event. August was really busy, but I’m going to be working on it this next week and I’m hoping to have it published quite soon.)

Home from Vacation

I went in a week long vacation to visit one of my best friends. She was one of my bridesmaids and I’ve known her since I was a freshman in high school (she was a junior). We get to see each other very often, but since she just had second daughter two months ago (yup, same bestie) I decided to make the trip out there! It was awesome!!! I’ll post a few photos wire about how it went later. For now, I must recover and sleep!

My Mind Has Been Busy

I’m a little preoccupied at the moment. I do apologize.

Recently, I’ve decided I need to take a giant step in the direction of my mental health. The universe was sending me massive and glaring signs of which direction I needed to take. It’s kind of a rough one, and I’m just at the beginning. Unfortunately, I’m not comfortable writing about it yet, and I don’t have anything definitive (which is why I’m not comfortable writing about it). It’s also consume a rather large amount of my mental energy as of late, so I haven’t been able to focus on much else right now.

Hopefully there will be news to report soon. I am still working on the colonoscopy series. I also owe one of my best friends her maternity photos that I took as a favor to her, so that has been taking time away from the blog as well. But I promise, the plan is to get back to blogging soon!

Love and spoons to you all.

An Hour and a Half In…

I’m an hour and a half into the prep fluid, so I don’t have long to type this out before I have to run to the restroom again. But I’m STARVING! I have been on a liquid diet for two days, thanks to the intensity of the prep I’m on, and all I want is REAL FOOD!!!! Gawd I’m hungry. Anything, really, just real bloody food.

The prep tastes horrid.

I’ll actually blog this later. Gotta go, lovies. Like those old commercials:

“Gotta go gotta go gotta go right now, gotta go gotta go gotta go!”

Emotional Roller Coaster, Old vs New

This weekend I’m having a rough time with my “new” body. I’m really missing being able to everything and not die. My fatigue is killing me and I feel physically beat up. I had a lot of fun, but I feel physically awful. Emotionally, the physical stuff is killing me. Ugh. This is just my life now, but I don’t like it.


I’m sitting here trying to compile a list to get groceries for my upcoming colonoscopy prep. I’m a picky eater, crazy picky, always have been. Mostly, the puffiness is due to a hypersensitivity texture and unknown food allergies and stuff like that, and has developed into a fear of unknown. I’m working on it. But it doesn’t help when I get slapped with super restrictions. Now I’m just staring at the list on the verge of tears wondering how I’ll survive. I realize if I drink water I won’t actually die, but I don’t know what to eat. Ugh. I’m not going to have any strength after this.

I’m going to have to post about it. I’ll have Dan document the diet portion of the prep.

Another Cold

I somehow caught a cold again. For several days I’ve been sleeping forever (like, until 1pm). My GI pulled me cold turkey off the Amitiza, though, so I thought I was just having weird withdrawals. That was, until yesterday today.

Yesterday, I woke up and Dan bright me some cereal so could shower. In the shower suddenly it felt like my body was full of cement. Then attack of the phlegm. Then I realized I was feverish. It never improved. And I realized my throat felt odd. Eventually I noticed my tonsils were bright red and puffy.

Today, all the same but worse. Definitely sick. And I’m very explosive. And my throat actually hurts now and I have a cough. Not happy. Ugh.

Hopefully I’ll feel better soon.

Stomach Bug?

Apparently, I’m feeling awful because I have gastroenteritis. Or at least, that’s what my GI thinks. Gastroenteritis = the stomach flu. Stupid stomach bug. I don’t have a fever that we’ve noticed, but I’ve been downing pain meds like crazy so it might be suppressed I suppose.

He told me to hold off on my Amitiza for three days, then restart it on the next higher dose (since before the bug I didn’t think it doing anything). If my symptoms don’t come back, then it was just a bug. We shall see. Here’s hoping I survive.

Digestion Shmigestion

Obviously, things have gone kaplooey again. I didn’t think my new medication was doing ANYTHING at all, because I had gone back to “normal” (my normal for 20+ years has been constipation). Yesterday, I suddenly got violently attacked by severe diarrhea. Today, it continues. I have a call in to the GI. Hopefully, he knows what to do.

One of my best friend’s baby showers is on Sunday, so I HAVE to feel at least a little better by then…