I’ve had a few very sweet followers ask me if I have a baby registry for little Baby Bee! I do indeed! If you would like to get a present for Baby Bee (or something to help us during labor recovery), you can check out our registry here:

Babylist: Baby Bee Registry

If, for some reason, the website doesn’t automatically provide our address, please use the Contact Me page here or message me via Instagram. Thank you so much for supporting us on this wild ride!

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Bonfire shop:

Bonfire is a fundraising site. I have several designs available that you can buy to help support me financially! Primarily, the designs are fundraising for infertility, but they also help to cover my medical expenses. See all available products here. (Keep in mind, they run in “campaigns” which means they don’t print any shirts until 15 days after the campaign launches. Pay attention to the “campaign ends” date when placing your order!)


My photography and art available as prints and on other products.

Zazzle shop:

My photography as prints and on products, as well as some graphic designs and chronic illness gear. See all the products here.

Email list:

Join my email list! I think the last email I sent was in 2018, but I’m hoping to start using it again as I get more active on the blog again.

Poshmark – My Closet:

DREAMWRITER90 (use my username in “referral” when you sign up and get $5 off your first purchase)

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23&Me Genetic Testing:

Get testing! There are frequent sales, so be sure to check often. I receive an Amazon gift card when your order ships.


The most comfortable bras I’ve ever owned! They have everything: bras, undies, lounge wear, swim wear, and more. For being such high quality and comfortable, they’re surprisingly affordable! The next time you’re in the need for some Leisurée, be sure to check them out! Be sure to use my code at checkout: AMB-findinglifessilversun


Ready to get started? You can create your wholesale account here if you already know what you want! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all! (You can also directly email me at

Republic of Tea:

My favorite tea company! They use sustainable tea practices, sell reusable tins and refills, tagless and stringless bags that are biodegradable, and make delicious and all-natural teas. Get $10 off your first purchase of $25 when you get a free account: here.


Great and inexpensive photo printing site. Get a great deal on prints when you use my code at checkout: QQOVPO


Great and easy photo albums and cards. Get $10 off (equivalent to a free standard photo album) before January 31, 2019! Use this link: referral link. I will also receive a $10 credit when your order ships.

*Referral and affiliate links do give me some sort of incentive or reward if you use them. Most do not give me anything unless you choose to make a purchase after using the link. I go more into detail on this page.