Time Just Keeps Going

Yup, time just keeps running away. It always does, but it seems like it has sped up yet again. Remember how the months of October, November, and December used to last forever when you were quite young? How the school year was painfully long but summer was super short? Well, how did everything turn into elementary school (kindergarten thru sixth grade, roughly aged 5 thru 12, for those of you not in the United States; though it only goes through fifth grade for some schools) summers?! Seriously. Where is time going?!

vintage clock macro

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Defining Disabled from Indisposed and Undiagnosed

Defining Disabled – Indisposed and Undiagnosed

I’m just going to leave this here. I’ve been thinking along the same lines, and she articulated these thoughts perfectly!


Food Holidays and GI Issues

Oh Thanksgiving… You do not give me great hope for Christmas! My stomach hates me now (not quite as much as I expected, but more than too much). I eat the same kind of meal at Christmas (turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, potatoes, etc), so this doesn’t bode well. But at least I won’t go on a fast food binge before Christmas (like on a road trip).

First Road Trip With POTS – Short Thoughts

This has been my first road trip since my POTS diagnosis, and it has been a learning experience. I’ll write more about it later, but here are some quick points.

  • You will be too hot and too cold… Sometimes at the same time.
  • You are going to get crazy dizzy because road trips are dehydrating
  • Clothing is obnoxious
  • Fast food and soda are simultaneously awesome and evil
  • Bladders are tiny
  • There is no such thing as being over prepared

The Memories of Old Friendships

Being at my parents’ home always makes these feelings stronger… Probably because I lived here when they were new feelings.

I am social media friends with a lot of people I used to call best friends. Two of which the pain of losing still stings pretty badly. One I’d been friends with for most of elementary school, then a classmate made up a lie (something to do with me calling to get directions to a party I wasn’t invited to, when I can STILL get to that party’s location without thinking about it), and suddenly it was gone. It didn’t help any that she moved so I never got a chance to try again. The second one had been friends with 1 and I for a long time too, and she stayed friends with 1 after the lie about me, then actually ended up moving to the same junior high and high school as 1. My parents weren’t very comfortable with me going to 2’s house (I wasn’t super comfortable around her family), so that just ended up dissolving.

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My Mom’s Colorful Creations!

Colorful Creations by G

Mom got her Etsy shop started!

Her jewelry is gorgeous! Out of all the jewelry I have (not counting my wedding ring), the pieces that get the most compliments (by a long shot) are the ones made by my mom. They are very high quality – nothing I have has ever broken. Please check them out!

She has tons more to list, but it takes a while to get things listed on Etsy (so please be patient, we all know how busy life is). She’ll be adding things regularly, so please keep checking back. Help my sister and I spread the word about our mother. We have always thought her jewelry was fantastic, and we’re very excited to share it with the world!!!!

Order soon to guarantee Christmas delivery.

Any feedback on the shop can be left here.


In Which I Get All Angsty About HW

I’m so done with school. My senior year of high school, I totally burned out. I almost got unaccepted to my college because I just stopped doing my schoolwork. Luckily, my dad talked to the school and convinced them to keep me. I’ve been in college for seven years now, with a one year break; three years in a row. I’m done. I HATE homework. I realize no one likes it, but I have an almost impossible time making myself do it.

And guess what I need to do? Get caught up on my homework. Yup. I have to do my term paper (due tomorrow) for geography. I also fell behind on my geography map quizzes, mostly because I was doing things I needed to do for my health (physical and mental). So, today and tomorrow I need to do my term paper (luckily, it should be pretty easy). Then I need to do all my map quizzes before Thanksgiving. I only have two weeks of classes after break.

Only one semester left. Then I don’t need to do school ever again!!! Yay!!!! Of course, I’m still going to get pressure from various people, I’m sure. But Dan understands how much I hate homework, and he’s perfectly okay with me not getting a job. I’m just going to get my associate’s degree and then I can focus on other things (painting, sewing, photography, my house, writing, etc). I just can’t wait to be done… and I really don’t want to do my homework.