My Doctors

I refer to all of my doctors by initials for a reason: I know I give a lot of personal information on this blog, and I don’t want to be too terribly easy to stalk. Since I use initials, and have a bajillion doctors, I figured I’d give you a key to remember who treats what. If I decide one of my doctors is so good that they should be used by everyone, then I’ll provide more information on this page.

Doctor Name Specialty Notes/Info Discontinued Date/Why
Dr M Primary Care I do not see her often.
Dr Spencer Rheumatologist (for my fibro) Colorado Arthritis Center; fantastic doc
Dr Springer (GI) Gastroenterologist Referred to as “GI” in posts before 11/13/15; adore this doctor!
Dr J Cardiologist Very busy doctor February 2017; not managing my case properly
Joleen Pilates & Physical Therapy Park Meadows Pilates and Physical Therapy
Dr K & Dr L Otolaryngologist; extra ear training Dr K = surgeon; Dr L is rarely seen
Dr R ENT & Non-food Allergy Doc treating allergies February 2018; sent me to an atrocious immunologist, & no ability to manage my allergies
Dr N Allergist treating food allergies March 2016; Didn’t have confidence in his decisions, felt redundant
Dr L OBGYN Always very kind and listens well
Dr Kz Neurologist Treating migraines; great doc
Dr W Cardiologist Treating dysautonomia cardiac symptoms
Dr Sh Orthopedic Surgeon Treating cubital tunnel syndrome in my right arm

If you are interested in information about any of these doctors, you can contact me.

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