doTERRA Oils

Recently, it has started seeming like I have reached a dead-end with conventional, Western medicine. I go to my doctors now, and it’s a lot of “well, since you’re not getting worse, just keep doing what you’re doing” while I think but I’m not getting any better either. Something had to change!

I was struggling with some joint discomfort, and Sally (from Hope Health Healing) reached out, simply asking if I would like a free sample of doTERRA’s Deep Blue Rub because it helps her with her own joint discomfort. I’ve been approached by other doTERRA sellers before, and they were pushier than I was comfortable with, so I kindly turned them down, but the joint discomfort was unbearable. After I told Sally I was extremely impressed with the Deep Blue, she didn’t try to sell me anything and just told me how happy she was! Later (about a month), she followed up to see if I was still feeling better and if I needed anything more as far as doTERRA was concerned. We started talking, and she was extremely low-pressure and super patient! She answered all of my questions (tedious, I’m sure) and even wanted to get to know me as a person outside of oil use! I was so excited by how she was treating me, that I decided to talk to her about the business side of things. And, here I am!


I really do believe that oils can help me achieve the life I’m looking for. I think that they can help you too!

Whether you just want one or two oils and need to know what will work best for you, or you want a kit to get the most bang for your buck, or you want a wholesale membership to get discounts on all the oils you order all year, or you want to start a business: contact me with the form below! (Or send an email to with “Oil Inquiry” in the subject line.)

No matter how “simple” or “silly” the question, I’ll do everything I can to answer it for you! There aren’t any silly questions about this, honestly! So please, ask away!

If you already know exactly what you want, and you don’t have any questions, then go check out my doTERRA page: