Did My Body Suddenly Adjust, or Will I Feel Like I’m Dying Tomorrow?

So far, today has been a random and sudden surprise. I woke up, and I realized I no longer felt incredibly ill. Of course, I was tentative about it. The nausea was still slightly present, but that’s been pretty constant for several years at this point (I wake up nauseous daily). I ate my oatmeal, and expected the cramping and pain to start back up… but it didn’t! I got dressed, and still nothing. I used the restroom, which is where things usually take a turn for the worse, and my intestines only did a minor bit of spasming but without pain. I went to my first class, and made it all the way through without pain. I went to my second class, and made it all the way through that one without pain too!!!!! I’ve been home for over five hours now, and still [belly] pain free! Each time I use the restroom there seems to be some residual spasming, but no pain and no unpleasant bathroom things. So far, so good! I’ve been able to eat my oatmeal for breakfast, and two blueberry muffins AND some buttered noodles for lunch. I’ve been able to drink some water and a Pepsi and some green tea. So far, I’m actually feeling a lot better.


Of course, I’m still completely exhausted. I haven’t really had “enough” to eat in quite some time, nor enough to drink since everything was causing nausea. I’m lightheaded from being more active without enough calories in my system. I’m still dealing with some after effects (some gassiness, and some minor spasms)… but otherwise I seem to finally be adjusting to the medication. Tonight, we’ll see how I do with “real” dinner. We’ll really see tomorrow, since tomorrow is a pill day. Hopefully, I can do my Pilates and won’t get any bad news from my neurologist.

Could I really be out of the woods? Either way, I think a mini celebration is in order due to at least having one decent day!

fingers crossed

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