Quick Belly Update

“Belly” means my entire digestive tract, by the way. I just think it sounds less gross to say “belly” than it does to say “intestines.”


My belly is still causing major issues. Yesterday was a pill day and I ended up having some pretty bad issues. I was really gassy and then got pretty sick later. From how things looked, it looks as though my digestive system is suddenly moving things way too fast; which is how it feels too. Hopefully, it’ll slow back down because I don’t want to end up malnourished. That wasn’t fun and I ended up completely exhausted and unable to do stuff around the house I really wanted to do.

Today, I woke up in TONS of pain. My belly is incredibly cramped and I keep getting more severe pain that comes and goes… so I can tell the pain is related to stuff moving on through. Not fun. It hasn’t really gotten too much better throughout the course of the day. Nausea has improved, at least, but the pain is pretty bad. But with the nausea doing better, I was able to eat a regular meal (we had Panera Bread for lunch). Hopefully that will get a good deal of nutrients into my system before my next pill day tomorrow (I’m also hoping my next pill day goes much better).

I haven’t taken my probiotic because it can cause diarrhea too, and I don’t need two medications doing that. However, I’m starting to wonder if it might help with nutrient retention and speed up the “getting used to the medication” process…

While I don’t feel completely like death, I am attempting my homework. So back to catching up I go…!

What do you think?

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