The Funk Slump

School has been requiring lots of attention. Life has been requiring lots of attention. And I have been feeling pretty awful.

Stubbed Toe

This guy is goofy and I’m in pain, so I guess it works even though I didn’t stub my toe…

I’ve been getting daily headaches. Daily bad headaches. I’m really not sure why. Luckily, some of them are going away very quickly (like, within the hour). But some are still present for HOURS, even after meds. I’ve been getting them usually after 4p and before 5p, and some of them will last until after midnight. I honestly have NO idea what is triggering them. I just get blindsided, then I’m out for the count as nausea tends to take hold rather quickly.

My nausea and stomach cramping has gotten more persistent. My nausea is just an ever-present thing, but it’s been getting bad. I’ve had chronic nausea for several years now, but lately it’s been so bad that I can’t even eat! I force myself to eat bland foods because not eating is bad, but I can never figure out what I want. Every night I seem to end up with lower stomach cramps, too. Well, lower intestinal is where they seem to be. I don’t know what it is, but every time I eat dinner I get cramps. No, it’s not that time of the month, I’m not pregnant, and it’s not my appendix since they are centered or on the left. Reading about pancreas things has gotten me worried though, so I’m trying to find a new doctor that lives closer to start getting tests done. When I had my echo, a while ago, the tech said he ended up catching a glimpse of my pancreas and it looked slightly enlarged. I do not recommend looking up pancreas issues if you don’t want to have a mild panic attack, since most of them seem to be kind of life threatening.

My dizziness is worse… not sure if it’s related to the headaches or nausea or both or neither. Could be the weather. Who knows at this point?

I’ve been making very quick improvements in my physical therapy and Pilates. Joleen thinks I can rejoin the group classes in two weeks! And my packing (in my ear) is getting removed at my post-op next week, so maybe I’ll be able to improve even faster.

My forensic anthropology class is a MAJOR disappointment. It really could be fascinating, but the teacher is terrible. At least I am pretty good at teaching things to myself. Luckily, my geography teacher is fantastic and I am definitely enjoying that class. Driving for about 45 minutes to get to school isn’t bad, since there really isn’t any traffic. My classes end at 4:15, however, which is the start of rush hour around here… which means it takes me a minimum of an hour to get home (only happened once because I got out at 4). Usually, it takes me an hour and a half or more to get home, which is a major drain. I ALWAYS have a migraine by the time I get home. (Note to self: really need to remember to mention these headache things to the doc, very troubling)

Allergy shots are slow progress. After stalling for a bit, my mold seems to be doing better (I can increase it). I did fine with a slight increase in the pollens for the first shot, but the next increase reacted a tiny bit, and the next increase reacted quite a lot. Probably going to have to plateau the pollen again, at least until winter makes things stop blooming.

Everything put together has me in a bit of a funk. A funk where I really don’t want to do ANYTHING. I have been playing a game called Dragon City on my phone, but that is about all I really feel the urge to do (the dragons are adorable). I haven’t been in the mood to write either.

Hopefully, exercise will help. Dan and I want to start going to the gym again, regularly. He is planning on doing “real” workouts (aka moderate intensity since he doesn’t have any Chronics), while I stroll about on the recumbent bike. I’m going to try to keep my heart rate below 130bpm until that feels really easy, then slowly move up (probably 5-10 bpm every other session or every third) until I am in the target heart rate zone for a “normal” person my age. Regular exercise makes my fibro way better. My goal would be to do some sort of workout about three days a week. I might move to doing two Pilates classes a week, so then I’d be doing one gym session with Dan. Or I might decide to stick with one Pilates class a week and do two gym session with Dan, or do one gym session and one Yoga session with him (the rec centers have Yoga and we both really enjoy it). We’ll have to see how I’m feeling and what Dan’s schedule allows. I really do think that the key to keeping my fibro under control is regular exercise, especially in transition seasons and over winter. The exercise helps with my depression too, which is always a plus.

I want to get back to writing, and I plan to get back to painting soon. I’m getting my painting stuff set back up downstairs, so hopefully soon I can get to it. I’m also really trying to schedule myself so I don’t just waste the day doing nothing. Hopefully that’ll give me a bit more motivation and time to get everything done that I want to. I’m hoping to at least get one post published a week until I get out of the funk and can get caught up with life.

8 thoughts on “The Funk Slump

  1. I’m sorry to hear you’re having a rough time right now. I can relate. I’ve been in a funk lately, but for different reasons.

    Two questions: Do you get the headaches only on class days (or is class every day)? The fact that they start within the same time frame would seem to indicate either a stress headache or you’re breathing too many carbon monoxide fumes while in traffic. Have you ever had a colonoscopy? If not, you may want to consult a gastroenterologist. The same issue happens to me in regards to meals causing fairly rapid cramps and bowel movements, just not all the time.


    • I’ve been getting them every day, except today I only have some mild eye strain, not a headache. I thought it was stress at first too, but I haven’t been as stressed as I’ve been in the past. I’ve also been wondering if my glasses are causing nerve pain since my incision is still sensitive, which might set one off I suppose. The carbon monoxide is definitely something I had not considered… Do you know what kind of headaches they tend to cause?

      I have a gastroenterologist for my IBS and EoE. I can’t remember exactly why, but he didn’t feel the need to do a colonoscopy. I think it’s because I don’t have rapid weight loss, and my main problem is constipation instead of diarrhea… But I have been wondering if one might be a good idea.

      Thank you for the feedback. I’ll have to ask these questions when I see my doctors next!


      • Carbon monoxide headaches are usually frontal headaches from what I understand, but over time can develop into constant low level pressure.

        The GI doctor probably figured you didn’t need a colonoscopy because of your age (you look like you’re pretty young). If you trust him/her 100%, I wouldn’t worry about it. But questions never hurt, as long as the doctor doesn’t just tell you not to worry and goes about his/her business. I have to have an explanation of why not to worry. LOL

        Pardon my curiosity, but what was your surgery for? I realize they went in behind your ear, but I didn’t go back far enough to discover the reason. I guess it is possible that eye strain is causing your headaches, but it’s the timing of their arrival that has me puzzled. Not than I’m an expert or anything.


        • My headaches have been more sharp than just constant pressure… Kind of like having a bunch of needless jammed into my scalp. I wish I knew a better way to explain it.

          I’m 25. I think that’s actually about the age most inflammatory bowel diseases start to present, so I don’t think he’d have discounted that due to my age. Not to say I haven’t had to fight thru the age thing with pretty much every doctor… “Yes, I realize I’m too young. So can we try to figure this out because my body doesn’t seem to care how old I am?” Haven’t actually said that yet, but I’ve come really close lol!

          Surgery summary:: I had an outer ear infection from the middle of March until about the middle of July. Then I got a yeast infection because of the antibiotics. Then the uber specialist (ear doc that my ENT sent me to to figure out why the infection wouldn’t clear up) noticed I had a skin cyst behind my eardrum. I’d gotten a hole in my eardrum and the cyst formed because of that. Surgery was to remove the cyst and place a myofascial graft on my eardrum to seal the hole. My ear canal is tiny, so he had to go in from behind my ear instead.

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          • Ouch!!! Sounds like you’ve been having loads of fun. Your explanation of how your headaches feel gave me a pretty good idea of the sensation. I think I would rather have those than full on migraines or the ones that feel like someone hit me in back of the head with a sledgehammer.


          • Unfortunately, I’m still getting all of the migraine stuff (auras, light and sound sensitivity, nausea, etc) so they’re not much better. I kind of wish they were full on migraines because I have coping methods for those! 😛 though I definitely agree they’re better than the sledge hammer ones (I get those a lot too). The fact these are new makes them really hard to cope with though because idk what to do… Any ideas? I’m getting worried for my put liver with all the Excedrin I’ve needed to take (only meds that work on my headaches).


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